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Players who don’t know better will be in for an ugly surprise … :pensive:

Have you considered polling your users? Ask them if they want the site to duplicate textual errors in the game or they prefer to see how the game is actually set up.

You’re site is amazingly helpful already. Thanks for all that you’ve done! :slight_smile:️:tulip::tulip:


I’m not entirely sure but he might have to manually change those every time he re-uploads information (aka some extra time on his part to change it)


Yep. I will not change text, as that would be a manual thing i had to do every new datafile release. I can add a disclaimer on the top of the page. A generic disclaimer.


This sounds like a bae idea. Do it if possible to filter disclaimer out for just seasonals


@PGCrisis how can we get the text on the dragons to change from “breed” to “hatched” for using evolve stones? There could be a huge time difference between the two definitions. :eyes:


Better than nothing. At least until the text is changed from PG’s side


There is no “could” about it :laughing: you’re probably looking at at least another 20 days or longer if you factor in hatching time. If your divines are being capped by the dragons you’ve bred rather than by your dragon den, that is a significant amount of timers to use to unlock the next level of your divine dragon’s power.

Edit: this is of course assuming players are in sapphire+


:roll_eyes: So, spending 50+ days to prepare for breeding isn’t significant…


Well, looking at my breeding plan for the next 9 months (yeah I may have prepped a bit too much) I’m always speeding up the first dragons in tier pretty much immediately because I need them leveled for the next breeding event, and they pretty much take a month to level without excessive runs. So if you’re at a pace where you can breed every event it is actually pretty much the same.

Nonetheless they should definitely change the text in game, because it is misleading this way.


We were talking about the misleading text saying the dragon needs to be bred, but you actually need to hatch said dragon to be able to evolve your divine dragon.

Of course there is a significant amount of time to get to the point where you can breed your next lineage dragon in the first place, but when you hit sapphire tier and above, you are looking at least a month (or more) of time to let your new dragon hatch (assuming you have no research to speed up incubation) before you can evolve your divine dragon. I’d say a month worth of timers (or simply waiting it out) is a siginficant amount of time to wait before you can get a stronger divine.


I know…
I mean, even at Gold, it’s significant enough for some players, especially for one who is overlevelled…
At lv 84, some dragon need 2 legendary gold already. As a result, if one is overlevelled, (s)he need to speedhatch 2 eggs altogether in order to get dencapped divines.

Well, if the player is lv 90 or more, (s)he needs to prepare for breeding as well…
Sorry for confusion (and bad English)…


@Sam @Luffy … I added a disclaimer for evolving dragons. If anyone has time to check it out, please let me know if its fine.


:+1: seems very clear to me


Looks good. Thank you! :hugs:


The new Summerflare dragons has been added to the site now.


can we see how many extra eggs we could get for certain amount of tokens while breeding certain parents with specified frags on each of offsprings or we should calculate from eqn of [(token amount we have)/400 * (frag rate) * 20] / (offsprings’s total fragment #) ???


There’s a nice tokens vs fragments table on https://www.wdgeeks.info/breeding that might be what you’re looking for?

In general, it’s the inverse of the percentage shown on a breeding chance. So a 10% chance means 20
/ 0.10 = 200 tokens saved per mystic fragment. 5% means 20 / 0.05 = 400 tokens saved. 100% is 20 / 1.00 = 20 tokens saved.


ummm no… i wanna know how many extra eggs ill get for research and builder while breeding certain dragon and distribute mystic frags according to that to not fall short…atm i ll breed emeralds, have extra sapphire eggs for research and need garnet eggs for builder so i wanna calculate how many mystic frags should i use on which dragon to make research and upgrade buiilder hut…


Never use mystic frags on research or builder hut eggs…


Have got some requests for that, so I may add it at some point. Just need to figure out how it should be done UI wise.