Dragon Manager new site for information


Now when the new tier is out, I decided to bring the first version of my site public also. The site is similar to what Amoebas site was in the past, and as that is not updated anymore, this should be a replacement along the way.

Dragon info and breeding/searching for breed pairs are working as I know it, and it has the info on the new Harbring tier also.


06-July-2018: Vanguard release

  • Added the stats and breeding info for the Vanguard tier legend dragons.
  • New castle and incubator levels.

24-Jun-2018: Minor fixes.

  • Added the attack modifier for different dragon classes to perch statistics.
  • Fixed page-titles which I screwed up in a previous release.

20-Jun-2018: Elektro Flak and lvl 65 towers added.

  • Added the new Elektro Flak
  • Added stats for lvl 65 towers (and farms/mills).

14-Jun-2018: Rune info release

  • Added initial interface for searching and finding stats for all dragons and building runes. everything is working, but I will do some performance optimisation later. There are thousand of thousands of runes, so it requires a bit. To make it most useful: disable the tiers you don’t wanna see, and use the text filter, to only see flak runes for instance. The feature is found under : GAMEINFO

06-Jun-2018: Data release

  • Added the first 3 dragons from the Summerflare Season.
  • Added automatic redirection to secure connections. You may have to reload page, if you have it in the browsers cache.

16-May-2018: Bug fix

  • Fixed the special attack values for Fire Turrets.

15-May-2018: Breeding tier selector

  • Added a tier selector for the breeding page. Which allows you to select the highest breedable tier you have. This was requested by quite a lot of people in the middle tiers.

14-May-2018: Bug fixes

  • Fixed two bugs in the breeding tool. For Marianas some things showed twice and costs were incorrect.

11-May-2018: New Harbingers

  • Added fragments for each dragons in the individual dragons pages / stats. Previous it was only on the breeding pages. Keep sending me suggestions for improvements. The more that request the same, to more likely it is that I remember to implement it.

9-May-2018: New Harbingers

  • Added breeding and stats for the last set of Harbinger dragons.
  • Added a few fixes, like decimals in breeding % (MareZ was having nightMareZ).

25-April-2018: New Tower levels.

  • Added stats for tower level 61-63 (attack, farms and mills) and builder hut.

12-April-2018: Last Spring Season dragons added.

  • Added stats for the last two Spring Season dragons.

28-March-2018: Chunk arrived

  • Added stats and breeding info on Chunk. the hippo dragon :slight_smile:


  • Added dragon tier info for perches, so you can see which level perch is required for a specific dragon tier.
  • Added a contact email for feedback. But please use the forums also, if you find that others can also use the feedback.

18-March-2018: Almost in time for breeding event :slight_smile:

  • Added cheapest egg-combo section under game-info. Showing all tiers, and showing multiple breed combos to cater everyones breeding paths.

13-March-2018: Just in time for breeding event

  • Fixed so that player level for breeding a dragon, also takes incubator and castle into the equation. Sorry for the slow update of this.

07-March-2018: Spring season dragons and player level information

  • Fixed damage/sec for dragons
  • Added spring season 2018 dragons
  • Added player level information, including the new RSS transferlimits.

06-March-2018: Level requirement fixes

  • Fixed some of the level requirements for e.g. storage and builder-hut.
  • Added a column for season dragons, with the requirements for levelling, e.g. when you need legends or mythic to level and how many.

23-February-2018: Re-balancing data

  • Updated with information about the new towers level50+ re-balancing.

20-February-2018: Initial mobile design

  • Released the dragon stats section with a (hopefully) mobile friendly design.
  • More information added to the dragon info, like breedable level and incubation time.

19-February-2018: Bug-fixes and new features

  • Added option for entering existing frags / mythics in the breeding page.
  • Fixed the token cost calculations (thanks @mogi)
  • Changed the tower attack boosts back to input fields, as sliders didn’t work properly all all devices.

31-January-2018: Updated to new release.

  • New Ice Flak available.
  • Lots of updates on other towers and farms / mills.

22-January-2018: Lots of minor UI updates pushed out.

  • Added dragon type (hunter, sorcerer, warrior) and class (common, rare, epic, legend, mythic).
  • Breeding castle / Incubator level required for a dragon is shown.
  • Tier colours added to breeding page (for parents and children)
  • Numbers are formatted in tables, so instead of 10000000 it shows 10,000,000.

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Amoeba down... (seems just a temporary...)

Awesome! Thanks


Nice! I find that in breeding only red and purple tiers are available.

Edit: All dragons are available but dropdown menu shows only red and purple tiers


To limit the list. Start writing and it filters the list.


@ModMat @TheRedDelilah can you please pin this post?


yes this is awesome!!! will help where i can :hugs:


/gives all the likes

I’ll update the sheets tool over the weekend and can give proper credit :tada:



Yay finally public release :raised_hands:


Great work Sandberg! We gonna have up to date information now and ever @Everybody!


Great news! I use Amoebe a lot so I’m happy there is a new site with updates to replace it.

I understand that this is a work in progress, but one function I would like as a low-level player is an option to only show parent up to a certain tier. For high level this is probably not an issue, but if I look for, say, parents for Munin, I get a long list of gold and platinum backbreeds that aren’t of any use to me while I’m still in green, and it’s pretty hard to spot the combo’s that are suitable for my tier.

If I could click a filter to only show parents in green or below that would be a lot of help. It would also help if the tier of the parents is shown in the parent table, for example with the colored circles you have in the drop down, those are very clear.


great work!


Good idea. I could make a tier selector / checkbox to select that. Thanks :slight_smile:


Quick question.
Just checking the web and found a few things to ask.

In web it said 27429 tokens for Ferrox by breeding Bronze + Whale
In Red’s Guide it is 28240 tokens for Ferrox by Bronze + Whale
so which amount is correct?

  1. Do you have plan to put some seasonal dragons like dodopyyr ? dodo?

  2. Some dragons like Zin and Hext can not be used as parent to search for children.

Thanks for your web it is easy to use and pretty simple. Cheers


Sandberg is correct, I would bet. He is using the most updated data right now and my paths are all using old data from previous updates. I am working on those right now, but Sapphire+ paths come first for updates and I have many hours ahead of me before I can go back and adjust my previous tiers.


Thanks Red…
Will you also put Dodo family in your breeding path :laughing:?


Dodo family Eww! They only serve cute purpose and nothing else


Some uncertainty around the token cost. I would argue I am right based on math, and have it confirmed by others. But there are uncertainties in the token, as its based on statistics. But it’ll always probably be +/- a few k


Thanks Sandberg.
Hope you can get mobile version sooner.


Thats my first priority, besides any error I find.