Dragon Manager new site for information


Well done. Im not having any trouble viewing it on the phone, it may be automatically switching to desktop version though.


Dunno if it’s because you’re super popular now, but I’m having a hell of a time trying to load the site on desktop.


Thanks for all the work you have done on this and for getting me level 60 tower info earlier for the fort planner :+1::+1:

Excited to see how quickly you can pull data when level 65 towers are released because I’m starting to get people knocking down my door already telling me I need to update it ASAP when that goes live :joy::joy:


WTG Sandy!! :heart_eyes:

Looking forward to updating my info. Woot woot


I wonder if you can add the egg requirements for divines though

Another thing. For dragon stats, the player level is somehow a bit weird (also the one I didn’t like from amoeba, honestly).
I think it will be better if the actual base level for getting the dragon (level 1) is the base level required for getting the egg too.
A good example of this is Chthoteuthis, which can be hatched at level 63, but one need to be at least level 70 to get the egg.


Thanks man!


Its not right way to go about that because the actual game requirements are same and the numbers there are just base statistics of game that have been identified. The purpose of breeding paths is to identify that. Other dragons getting breedable is secondary from game point of view. The purpose of the website is to provide raw data that game has converted into useful information in a nice format co so that other players may use the data for next steps.


Is there any way to find out minimum heal time of dragon with no Inner fires?


I guess both dragon stats and egg charts are data which can be converted into useful information.
I believe even the level is obtained from Den’s level requirement. It’s just adding minimum level, for each dragon combinations to reach breedable level. If the data is stored in a database, the minimum level can be extracted.

Based on my example, all combinations of Chthoteuthis requires at least one epic gold or higher (reach breedable level at base level 70). While for Khrysos, it can be breed using 2 rare gold (reach breedable level at base level 63).


To clarify, what you want is the lowest level required, for any two parents for a dragon ? … would be possible to do.


What she needs is the lowest level its possible to attain a dragon! You might have forgotten low levels already so i am giving example:
Whalegnawer can be technically hatched at level 63. But it can only be bred when gold epics become breedable and that’s possible only after den upgrade at level 70. Hence, Whalegnawer is actually hatchable only at level 70. So Whale is only attainable at level 70. There are few dragons with such requirements.


This looks like a great site! Would you mind us adding links to it in some of the War Dragons Academy courses?


Feel free to do so, thanks :slight_smile:


I am trying to breed Ferga using Jul and Icicle. Sandberg’s plan shows this should take 155,556 tokens and Red’s shows a bit less. I just used 85k tokens and only got to 412 out of 1100 fragments?!? That is WAY off. Anything I can do? I don’t suppose I can put in a ticket?? You don’t think they have changed things that much, have they?!?


Sandbergs will be the closest thing to accurate. I am in the middle of updating my paths to show these more accurate numbers and he just updated these. I would bet you just have a bad stroke of luck (since the numbers are just based on chance)


Numbers are based on probability.
This is how average/approximate number of egg tokens for dragon are calculated. This is only an educated estimate and that’s clear as the number of tokens is mostly never in multiples of 20.

Probability is written as Prob. in the picture below:

The actual number of tokens varies from person to person and when you continue down the line, you might get 5 out of 20 fragments of ferga. An estimate is educated way to go about it, that’s the best when probability comes into picture

Red's Best Breeding Path: Red-Obsidian

Okay, I bred 7620 more tokens and got 38 frags so it’s continuing in almost the exact same probability. Really seems like something is off here. It’s on track to take more like 220,000 eggs, not 155k. BIG difference.


Some confusion. You say ferga and 1100 frags ? Ferga is only 700 as i recall ? At 700 frags you token count seem fair


she just missed what wrote lol


No, it is coming up 1100 frags for me…wait-- OH THANK GOD. I’m looking at the wrong egg!! LOLOL
That explains it. I actually do have 450/700 frags. WHEW!!!
I’m having SUCH a better day now…