Dragon Manager new site for information


I find that on Amoeba’s breeding table, the dragon is colored, so that it’s easier to track in which tier the dragon is.
For example, to find the whalegnawer parents where both are gold tier.

I think it will be useful to be implemented here.


Some time ago someone created a base calc spreadsheet.
It’s a little raw, not as graphic as that which is on Amoeba’s page, but it gives more information. It is no longer up to date.

I’ve attempted to update it for my own use, but expect I’m failing to an exceptionally high standard.
Any chance @TheRedDelilah @forScience @Sandberg has a copy of this spreadsheet and the ability to make us a really helpful base building spreadsheet/web page or something.

I can see it as a really helpful way for us to play with base layout and experiment with ways to improve our defenses.


You mean the fort planner?


No, the fort planner, as I understand it is a point scoring tool, but I’ll have a look at that just in case it is what I’m talking about. lol

The spreadsheet I have allows me to place towers in position and gives me defensive details based on my layout.


Nope different, here’s what I have had access to.


I’ve killed my copy trying to add new towers and levels and all the other information. lol


@LaceWing @JennyD

Who helps you guys to tie your shoelaces in the morning?


Ahh. I just don’t see the point of that I guess.


Someone on the old forums had one going, but I didn’t save it. I think that I remember @mechengg also discussing it.


Umm… Relevance to anything on this thread is pretty minimal with your comment.

But okay… :thinking: I don’t wear shoes at this time of year so no need for shoeslaces to be tied! :thinking:

Secondly, there are many aspects to the game, everyone thinks the breeding guides are a godsend, why is it so different to say hey a base building spreadsheet would be useful.


Might be the same one I linked to above?


No, there was an updated one somewhere on wardragons.pocketgems.com . The strategy site went inactive around the time of Mythic Sapphires, which is a long time - October 2016-ish? Anyway, this is probably worth a new thread instead of taking over the Sandberg’s post…


True it kind of is a bit of topic, but may have been something Sandberg would include lol


Very good site! Easy to use and easy on the eyes :slight_smile:


Yep. Its on my list of things to do, so it will be there in the near future.


That’s fair. I’ll give you that one. tips hat lol


A nitpick, on http://www.dragon-manager.com/dragons all the dragons are listed on one page in foldouts (just like amoebe had). To me, this makes the page very hard to use (and very slow to load), because it’s almost impossible to compare things.

For me, it would be much easier if each dragon had their own page, and the main page just linked to them. That way I can open two tabs to compare different dragons, and also send people a link to a particular dragon.

The page could also have links to the breeding page showing parents/children, show things like egg fragments needed, and maybe screenshots of what the dragon looks like in the den, and maybe even what the egg looks like (very helpful at low level if you have a lot of eggs lined up in the incubator and need to find the right one). I’m sure people would be willing to help supplying screenshots of the high-level dragons for something like that.


First off I love the format of this website very pleasing to the eye.

I do have one question, are the storage hut levels correct? I currently have a lvl 26 storage hut and to get to lvl 27 it is saying I need to be level 79 which does not correspond to the information on your website. Is this a problem specific to me?


I will think about this. Thanks :slight_smile: i agree the page with dragons start to be too heavy. So I will come up with somethinh.


I will look into this. There may be other restrictions. What i show is what is mentioned in the files. I will double check this. Thanks.


The screenshot shows player level 79 for storage hut 27!