Dragon Manager new site for information


Isn’t that what he said?


Eagerly awaiting Rune info for runes available.


Not sure if I don’t understand how to use the site or not. Can’t get the breeding to work. I type in the name and nothing happens.


@XpSacha1976 it appears the storage is off on the Dragon Manager site. Here is a screenshot of Amoeba’s data:

Looking at higher levels it appears to be off too. My main is level 120 and max storage in game is 40, yet Dragon Manager says I can hit storage level 40 at player level 109.


Thank you for checking that out for me!


Builder hut data seems to be off. My alt is level 41 upgrading builder hit upgrading to level 9 atm. I was not allowed to upgrade till level 41 but your site shows the level requirement as level 31.
Amoeba shows level 41 as well for minimum builder hut requirement.


I will take a look at this. There may be other constraints i havent taken into account.


Thanks for noticing. I will take a look at this. There may be other constraints i havent taken into account.


There are many requirements that get factored for each thing.

As long as everything is working correctly, you can get things when you “should.” But sometimes, the levels do not line up well, and this can be used to your advantage (you can cheat).

For example, the level requirements on the builder hut are extremely low. However, you need eggs of a certain type for levels. So, although there is not a level requirement on the hut itself, the need for the eggs effectively limits when you can level the hut. In turn, the hut level is a requirement for buildings, but buildings also require a certain amount of storage. If you have many rubies, you can get around some of these limitations without cheating. I think this is probably why they have them staggered/stacked the way they do. rubies can get you almost anything. :slight_smile:


@Sandberg thank you for creating this resource. I hope they induct you into CF so you can get some freebies!

May I suggest on the dragons page that you also include number of rage required for each spell alongside what level it is enabled?


Instead of joining CF, and getting stressed. I would recommend to put a donate button on the website. So people can easly donate for hosting, domain etc. I really would donate into a page like this, because I know how many work is behind the website


It is a boss ass site, i feel obligated to concur


I have observed that player level requirement corresponding to first few levels of most dragons in Orange, Green, Platinum, Sapphire are below the actual plausible hatching levels of dragons. And for garnet, player level show for level 1 is 162 whereas its actually 132.
Please find example of ettin below:
Ettin is Green legendary and can only be hatched at level 40.

As you see in the picture, dragon levels below level 10 have player level requirement which is less than the actual player level possible for hatching Ettin.


Looks like this is purely the den requirement for leveling, and doesn’t look at the incubator requirements and storage requirements (for low level mostly). For higher level dragons, den requirements for leveling parents to breeding can be a limitation too, although I guess that would be harder to automatically list.


I did an edit to give more clarity for garnet dragons.
Den level doesn’t seem to have issues. And most of the times as per my knowledge storage is not an issue. I am indicating that level requirement because if not shown correctly, it may confuse players more.


Its on my list. Just have been limited in time due to work and playing the game. I should get to look at this soon.


May i thank you again for making the perfect site for someone like me to view breeding options. I always hated it, going over all the different paths, it just Fs me tf up lol


I’m a major nerd…data collector/analyzer. I keep a spreadsheet of data and use it to plan upcoming build and breed events. The data provided by Dragon Manager and amoeba are crucial to planning ahead. I want to thank both Sandberg and amoeba for taking the time to make this data available to me (and therefore my team)!!

I plan my breeding down to the # of mystics and tokens I will need to hatch the dragon(s) I want and land exactly on the points I want. For example, I used 33 mystics and 136,800 tokens to breed Deci and land exactly on 7500 points (450 sigil prize tier). If I did not use the mystics, i would have used 143,500 tokens and ended up with 7180 points. I would have burned through 6700 more tokens and still come up short on getting to that 450 sigil prize. To plan it right, I need the exact drop rates for each frag from each parent pair.

I’ve noticed that the % drop rate listed in both Dragon Manager and amoeba are rounded to the nearest 1%, when the actual drop rates are not whole number %. I first learned about this on amoeba’s site over two years ago when most Amarok pairs had the drop rate listed at 2% (PG changed this since then…). 60 frags at 2% works out to 60,000 tokens but amoeba had the token count listed at 48,000. That correlates to a drop rate of 2.5%. It was then that I realized the rounding issue. Now, I test to find the exact drop rates to put in my plans:

amoeba has Deci listed at 9% using Avalance/AA. 100/9x700x20 = 155,555 but amoeba shows the tokens needed as 143,500. The drop rate to get 143k tokens would be 9.75%, not 9.00%. I trusted the right column and used 9.75% in my plan, which told me I needed 136,840 tokens to get 667/700 Deci frags and 6800 points, then 33 mystics to get to 700 and add 660 points to get to 7500. The plan worked out perfectly, which tells me that the correct drop rate is 9.75%. The same thing was true for Icicle: 1100 frags at 9% is 244,445 using Ursa/Jul. amoeba showed 231,000, which works out to 9.524%. I used 9.524% and the actual tokens I used matched up. I actually used 121 mystics and 205,600 tokens to hatch Icy and hit 12,700 points (the prize tier that included 500 sigils)…again confirming that the 9.52% is the actual drop rate used by the game. Also, if you add up the % for the three children of Ursa/Jul, it adds up to 98%, so there has to be some rounding in there somewhere.

Now the question is, how did amoeba generate his right column? He didn’t calculate it from the % listed by each child or the numbers would have been wrong. How many decimals is the % drop rate in the actual game code? It would have made my life a little easier if the % listed next to each child were given to 2-3 decimal places, but at least I had a way to improve the accuracy, which prevented the frustration of my plans falling through due to bad data.


This is interesting observation. Need to probe now :heart_eyes:


Thanks Bron. Yes I use the numbers from the table, as Its the only numbers I have. I have tried to write Amoeba through mail, and forums but no reply. So as for now, I have to keep using these numbers. Please let me know I anyone finds the right ratios somewhere :slight_smile: