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Perhaps then Amoeba has the “right” numbers still in his table assuming PG hasn’t changed breeding fragment rates. Therefore we can just do what @Br0n did and back solve for the exact drop rate using the token/frag ratio?

Does this also mean @TheRedDelilah didn’t have to update all her breeding plans for the new “costs” as they may not have changed at all?


Seems likely. But i think we need more actual data from players to solve this problem.
But frankly, backtracking data from amoeba’s token costs is gonna be pain. Seems like he got insider info on this.


Is it possible to get the levels the dragons are breedable and what their rage costs are? Please and thank you :hugs:


Would be neat to have that on the site too, in the mean time you can find info on breedable levels and xp/food requirements easily here:


Hi @Sandberg

If you are interessted, I could send you an Excel Sheet with the Calculation, just pm me.
My data (and Calculation) is comming from 3 source files. “Deck.csv” / DragonEgg.csv and Dragons.csv, as you probably already now =)

I’m Refering here on the Icicle example send by @Br0n .

If you lookup Icicle in the Dragons.csv, you get the information that his egg needs 1100 Fragments.

Next step is to get the possible decks that are able to breed Icicle via a lookup in the Deck.csv.
For Icicle there are 5 possible Decks. The one that Br0n has choosen is deck3948, with Jul and Ursa as parents.
So if you look furher into deck3948, you see the information; “T9C3SFdragon:34|T9C3WIdragon:4|T9C4HIdragon:4” =>
Translated into Jul factor 34, Ursa factor 4 and Icicle factor 4.

If you now want to get the percentage/droprate of Icicle you just calculate 4/(34+4+4) = 9.5238%
The final cost calulation would then be 1100 / 9.5238% * 20 (as 20 tokens are the cost of 1 fragment) = 231’000 Egg Tokens

I hope that this makes sense to you. English is not my native language, but I hope that you can get the meaning behind my few words. Again, if you are interesset, send me a PM


Love your insights


This is awesome!


Last time I checked into showed Deci as having freeze not earthquake, just a minor error. The other thing I noticed about storage level has already been said and that the only other thing I’ve found.


Thanks @mogi … i will do this tomorrow. Not sure where the math mismatches as its the same files I use. Thanks again :slight_smile:


@mogi … This is live now. thanks for pointing it out. It was mere rounding in the wrong places that made it wrong before.

Thanks again.


@Br0n … It should be correct now on the site.


Cool thanks Sandberg! Looks like no major Amoeba days :+1:


How’s the game info section coming along? Can’t wait to see :smiley:


Have a huge list of things to do. Priority is a redesign to make it look better on mobile devices. I will add bugfixes here and there also.


@Sandberg Congratulations and a huge thank you! I visited your site today with my phone and it’s looking excellent :grin: Plus the UI is very smooth easy structured! Spot on :ok_hand:


More than welcome! I’m happy if I can help you with my little knowlege of things :wink:

Just in case, for others players that want an “offline” Excel-Version of the file.
I’ve made a “quick and dirty” Exel-Version of the Breeding Pair Files with the detailed percentages and costs.

And thanks a lot for reffering to me on the web and here, not needed but very much appreciated.
PS: Sorry for the long delay on my feedback, but I have enjoyed some days of vacation …


Shouldn’t incubator’s level requirement be considered in determining minimum base level?
(e.g. For Bander, the Player level should be 63 for level 1-4)


Yes It should :slight_smile: i fixed most building issues yesterday, and will start to factor in all the requirements for the dragons today. Thanks for noticing me :slight_smile:


Sandberg snuck in evo stone details on the divines too :tada:


All the stats for the new spring season dragons are added now also.