Dragon Manager new site for information


That was quick!

Some interesting info in there, the new hunter needs a gold stone to get level 10 and get his 3rd spell, that’s new. Also needs a level 84 den for that spell vs level 77 for the winter dragons, and 70 for autumn.


Hi! Any update on when mobile optimization will be happening? I can’t tap the title nor the three bars on the top of the page (nothing happens), so I can’t really use the site at all :sweat_smile::cold_sweat: I don’t have access to a working computer 99% of the time, so I’m always on my phone and am really desperate for a replacement for the Amoeba site.


Its working awesome on the Iphone :man_shrugging:t2: And is optimised for it too, Thanks again @sandberg :innocent:


I’m on an iPhone too, I guess my phone just hates me :joy: What browser are you using?


It should work on any phone. Maybe try to clear your cache. Have testet on both safari and chrome.


Cleared cached data on both safari and chrome, no luck :slightly_frowning_face: The links on the main page work (like the see full version info one) it’s just the menu bars that don’t work. I have no idea what’s wrong with my browser :joy::confounded:


Do you have a large-screen phone? If you do, it could be that the tresholds for mobile mode in the css mediaqueries are set a little to low, and the site doesn’t switch to the mobile version because it thinks your screen is a pc screen.


Err I don’t think mine’s all that large, I’m on an iPhone 6s. :man_shrugging: Requesting the desktop version of the site also does nothing to help, nor does it even change the appearance of the site like other desktop versions of sites do. Hope that made sense lmao


@Sandberg congrats on CF!


Hmm its sounds steange @hellraptor :confused: i will try to find a 6s at work and test on.


I have a 6s and the site works fine for me :woman_shrugging:t2:


Thank you! Well done


The “Dragon” information pages sometimes give deceptively low figures for the player level that is required for a given dragon level, because it looks like the breeding requirements haven’t been factored into the constraints.

For example, http://www.dragon-manager.com/dragon/T8C4HEdragon suggests that a level 108 player can have a level 1 Hauheset. While it’s true that a level 108 can have a sufficient incubator and den, the parents of Hauheset are Sapphire Legendaries (Scorchil and Iteru), and one needs to be player level 126 to be able to get those dragons to a breedable level.

So even though one could theoretically hatch a Hauheset egg at player level 108, there is no legitimate way for a level 108 player to obtain that egg …


I need to add that. Just havent had the time yet to test and release it. Should be there in a few days.


Any chance of adding information as to what tier of dragon can go on perches at a specific level? I’d noticed before you were missing that information, so I keep having to use amoeba to check for that. (But I like how your site is laid out soooo much better!)

Edit: I like to stare disconsolately at the amount of black pearls I have, and compare them against the amount to black pearls I’ll need before I’ll be able to stick Mehatten on a perch.


Good input. I will look at that also. Just havent thought about this. Thanks :slight_smile:


@LizDrakemoor Should be live now :slight_smile: Please check that its matches what you wanted.


Looks perfect! :kissing_heart:


Is your site down? I was thinking I could answer a teammates question on requirements for evolving his gold divines to green. He can’t see yet because den needs upgrading first and I don’t remember.

I get a “not found - connection reset” when trying to go to your site.


Works fine for me. Den to 14 and have hatched 2 green dragons.