Dragon Manager new site for information


It was down when you typed, its up again now.



I’m lucky that way. LOL


I would not recommend devolving your gold divines back to green… :joy:

Also, the listing says ‘2 Green Epic Dragons’, but fortunately this actually means ‘Epic or Legendary’, as I’ve been able to confirm when I got to that point.


I love love love that you included required storage level in the tower info pages. Very convenient :+1:t3:


It just reduced so much of my effort. That’s great addition.


There were some maintenance on the server. Probably why you saw the down message. I dont run multiple servers, so there may be some short window (15-20sec) downtime when installing patches and securityupdates etc.


No worries, just a lucky guy that the first time I check it, I picked the exact wrong time.

Cheers and thanks for all you do



Chunk stats and breeding info added, for those wanting a flying hippo :slight_smile:


Since most seasonal dragons starts in orange, I wonder if it’s better to separate them into different classification. That way, it can be classified further (if necessary) according to the eggs (or highest evo stone).


Do you mean to show the season dragons at their final evolution tier ? Could make it less cluttered.


Either, or separate them into different section


Thanks. Will think about how this would be most easy to show on the UI.


Any chance you could “freeze” the top line of the sheet on each page so we can still see the header as we scroll down? :pray:


Yeah i could add that back.


In the breeding table, in addition to percentage, is it possible to add the estimation of required token as well?
Or probably switch between percentage and token estimation


For each dragon?
If you search for particular dragon, estimation of tokens is already there.

The last column shows tokens.
I would request to provide percentages upto 2 decimals so that we can use in our custom small breeding sheets.


There is no estimation token with parent filter (Find children for…)
Just hoping for a toggle, which shows or hides the token estimation for each cell.
If the data is there, I believe that even a simple CSS will do.

And 2 decimals percentage will be nice to. (if it’s too wide, it can be put under dragon’s name)


Do you mean something like this? imo its a bit confusing but possible to include.
If its not this, it would be nice if you can clear on what you want.


Yes. It’s that.
However, to prevent the confusion, IMO it needs a toggle to hide and show the estimated token, with the default value is set to hide.