Dragon Manager new site for information


Honestly speaking, this is first time i ever saw and used that option. I never went searching from parent to child :joy:


I can add it yes. But i have some other things i will do first. % decimals are done, just didnt release it yet. :slight_smile:

Perhaps it's a bit excessive, but can the breeding list be sorted by the highest tier of the parents? Sorry if this is too much...


Its by cheapest breed currently. And the tier of dragon is already indicated by dash below. And many cheapest breeds are backbreeds. Isn’t this more useful? Or for particular dragon use Ctrl+F search.


I just found a little case of its use…
Hopefully I can find another alternatives…


You can also filter based on dragon name. Just above the table.


For me a tier limiter would be useful, like for example only show gold and lower parent breeds. Would save me sorting through dozens of platinum breeds to find the back breeds I can do.


Yeah. More have requested this. Will look at implementing this.


Can it be done both for parents and offsprings simultaneously?
I found that it can be done only for either parent or offspring.


Hmm. I dont get that :grinning: … the filtering or ?




Added a new tier selector for the breeding page. Which allows you to select the highest tier you have breedable. This was requested by many in the middle tiers, to make it easier to spot relevant breed-pairs.


Very handy feature.
Thank you for implementing community ideas at such a quick pace. :hugs::hugs:


Thank you so much, I’m using website like Amoebas or this to figure out what dragon to skip and what should I breed to reach highest tier fast. After a long time waiting for whole Harbinger tier release when I start working on breed path, I just realized Amoebas not update anymore, I’m kinda lost don’t know what to breed till when I found this topic and website :laughing: thank you.


Maybe you’d like to just follow an established breeding path instead of making your own? Just a suggestion.


I’m at end game tier, breed path is not necessary, just look a little and I can fugue out what to breed next.


Isn’t hatching required to unlock the divines? If so …


Required! Hatching is required.


The text is from the game. I dont make changes to those texts. So if PG changes it, it will be reflected on the site also.


Perhaps adds something inside brackets