Dragon names german version

I am playing the German version of the game.
I just want to show here two examples for the original english and the Germanversion name…
The dragon Kulan called in the German version „shivano“! :thinking: why but ok
But i found a better one. The dragon sekeronos called in German „Mielolein“ ! Funny!? Naww, but what would be if i tell you that we have a dragon called „sekoronos“ in the German version!

All breeding guides i know are in english. I dont have a translated list with german and English dragon names. And i dont want one.
Also i dont want to explain to long why this situation isn’t comfortable. At the same moment i point at this it have to be clear that here is something wrong!

@PG please dont call two diffrent dragons with the same name in two different languages!
Thank you

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still nothing happened. i am still hoping for a change. they already changed frostbeißer back to frostbiter, so maybe they continue changing the names…

I’m not accustomed to what PG rep does what and I know Jared is/will soon be on vacation so you can tag Arelyna and PGCrisis but someone did reply to the other thread already.

I believe this was asked for some time ago as well. I’ll bring it up again with the team. (61285)


Thx pgeggtoken

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