Dragon necropolis. Base skin

What u think good bad. Needs work be. Truthful

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Yeah it looks cool. But I want that exotic gear lol.

I think the actual changes look neat!

…but I’m never one to be easily satisfied… so…

I wish there was more! I want them
To be like the old seasonal ones where the entire base looked different! I wanna see a Halloween skin that looks like a creepy graveyard with lots of spiders and ghosts flying around and pumpkins and scarecrows!

And I want one that’s like rainbows and purple grass and sparkles and flowers and hummingbirds and bees where the Axi’s, Kirin’s, Jura’s and Deci’s would live.

Basically, I want more. And I want inspiration to come from where the dragons would live. Maybe a creepy depths under the sea vibe for like Narmak and some of the darker aquatic looking dragons!

Let the creativity overflow! :smiley::nerd_face::confetti_ball::tada:


@PGGalileo this is what y’all should bring back to the shareholders I’d love to see a Halloween one man I’d spend money on a spooky ass base with like dragon skeletons and pumpkins and shit with mausoleum for my keep and the forge littered with Jack o lanterns. Take my damn money for something like that gladly.

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I’m almost there

What? You haven’t finished since the last time you posted that same screenshot 15h ago? :scream_cat:

Well unlike most I have the patience instead of those I GOT TO HAVE IT NOT NOW BUT RIGHT NOW

I had patience too lol

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:heart_eyes: I love Halloween. I’d be all for a spooky one.

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Please, let’s not openly accuse people of cheating. Each player has a different style of how they open atlas chests. Some choose to open everything as soon as they have chests available. Others choose to hold onto their chests until later in the season and open them all at once. Just because someone has a large stockpile, doesn’t mean they’re cheating.

IF it was meant as joke, which I hope it was, you should really watch your context and the way things are presented.

I’ve gotten quite frustrated by the way you conduct yourself on the forums. Please have a bit more respect for your fellow community members.


I collected all buffs and the rider line.
I didn’t need any more mythic gear and likewise knew nothing about the costs of exotic gear or the base skin.

So I held onto the chests until they were released, setting myself a personal challenge of 10k. (I failed by about 14 hours).


You know I was needling you if I accused you of actually cheating I wouldn’t unless I had substantial evidence to back my claim

Can’t say anything no more without someone taking offense to it I guess what time macdonald said is true everyone taking everything offensive guess it’s gonna be quiet car rides and nobody talking to each other reason they care about someone’s feelings but fyi facts don’t care about feelings

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I think blood meant it in a joking way and meant no harm by it.


:point_up::point_up_2: what this person said

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Then please watch your context next time because the way it’s written doesn’t come across as “joking”.


Let me edit the comment


I mean yes they could of worded it differently to let people know they were joking but they didn’t. Most people though would kinda understand that blood was just goofing around. Kinda like when your playing a board game or something and you joke about thw other person cheating, even though you know their not just cause their winning.

Yes that’s a little different then an on screen reply, seeing that you can see the person’s face irl when you’re playing a board so they know you’re joking. And in text you can’t see the person’s face. But still, I think Blood had a sense of humor when they said Pirate was cheating.

And I also think Blood does respect the fellow members of the forum, even if I haven’t really seen much of their posts. But from what I did see, it’s been respectful and maybe a little teasing/fun involved.

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I guessed you was joking, it’s hard at times getting that across when writing. I’ve had people bite at me before not realising I was joking.

Angela and I just go way back and knows I never would so was being protective of me :purple_heart:

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