Dragon Nerfing w/ Update?

Were any dragons nerfed with this new update? Noticing a significant change in Noc with how quickly he is losing health now after the update. Haven’t tested any other dragons yet.


Noticing the same with Noctua on our team.

It’s not Noct, they increased fire and dark flak’s damage by a huge amount… it wasn’t even listed in the update list. Try soloing a max base undefended now, it’s almost impossible to pass firstsmall. Game is so unbalanced now @PGJared


I am seeing it in flaks and archer towers. The damage he is taking is unreal

True…I dont know that NOT being able to easily solo is exactly unbalanced though…a heads up probably would have been good though.

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Both flaks and archers? Any other towers affected?

Lol but it went from slightly doable to the opposite, unless you have a 700M AP Noct

I really do love playing this game but the way these things go at this point is just hilarious

True…just saying its not the worst thing ever. Probably not the kind of massive change you just spring on people.

Well the Archer side of the cannon/archer nerf can go back to being happy about them. Fck

I’m going to run my alt’s base which hasn’t updated yet. Then I’ll update then see if there’s a change.

Wow just flew noc on a max base and he gets smoked now. Full health to dead on the small with no defenders, good lord…

I think @Panda made this update

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Its got to be a mistake, thats over 20m damage in less than 2 seconds with no supershots and everything only shooting once.

Yeah even undefended on d87, tetsu or any that are that big it’s impossible to pass first small without summon

When was Amoeba last updated? can we compare the stats on there.

The thing is, the dragon attack power and base defense power stayed the same, so I don’t think that it’d help.

Well flaks are definitely dealing waaaay more damage than before. If its not represented by base defense then maybe theyre not supposed to be.

Tagging everyone here for clarification

@PGJared @Arelyna @PGCrisis @DragonPunch @PGPulse

I had a 45 fire (not flak) knock half the health off my lv48 Nec lol. So maybe fire turrets also? I don’t pay close enough attention to look at building stats and see if there were any changes unfortunately

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