Dragon not playable?

First off apologies if this is the wrong board for this, I wasn’t sure where to post this.
I have been away from the game for a while, I was burned out with it honestly but after a year (or little over) I decided to come back and enjoying the game so far. Down to the point, today I got a message saying I got a “android dragon” - sorry forgot the name off the top of my head, well I go to the dragons den and it’s showing the dragon… but when I try to add him to my team it doesn’t show the option (took a screenshot to show what I mean but can’t figure out how to post it). Maybe silly but does it have something to do with me being on a iOS device? prepares self to be extremely embarrassed if that has nothing to do with it lol. His name doesn’t even appear on the list. When I first started to play the game I was on an android device, that device has sense died and I “upgraded” to iPad/ iOS. Any idea how I can get the dragon to work so I can play with him?


I’m assuming you’re referring to Dioskouri?:

You’re correct, he is an ‘Android exclusive’ dragon but it’s odd that the device change caused that, perhaps another thing that they should look into fixing.

And btw, to add a picture there should be a file upload button in the middle of the toolbar when you’re replying, and selecting that gives you the option to take a photo or choose one from your device.

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I believe yes, that dragon can only be used on Android devices.

Yes that’s the dragon :). I thought it was weird although he’s a android exclusive dragon it still gave him to me and he was showing up in the den I could check his info and everything else like I can with with my other playable dragons, it just won’t let me select him to play. Only thing I could think of was him being a android exclusive dragon and I’m on iOS somehow is the cause.

As for how to post images, thanks for the help, I overlooked that somehow.

Well darn, I was looking forward to playing with him. Oh well… thanks for the reply Red :slight_smile:

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