Dragon not ready to breed when it is due



I have problem breeding harbinger dragon. Both my Hedran and Mafic are breedable but my first Harbinger dragon Estril does not show ready to breed. I have been following Red’s path since day one. I supposedly level myself to lvl 300 so that i can free myself from building capped. below is what i have now:

Breeding Castle at lvl 12 (next upgrade at lvl 330)
Dragon Den lvl 60 (next upgrade at lvl 60)
Egg incubator lvl 12 (next upgrade at lvl 330)
Breedable Dragon: Archimera, Noctua, Marianas, Hedran, Wraith and Mafic

What went wrong? I opened ticket and all i get from PG is the parent dragon at harbinger tier itself and the lvl of the building on the main island to breed harbinger dragons as above. There must be a set of parents in obsidian tier to open up to harbinger dragon am i right???

Please help and advice. I dont want to breed unnecessarily and waste my token. I am also pressing for time as breeding event is next!

Thanks in advance!


did you check dragon manager what Estril needs?


These are the dragons you need to breed Estril based on dragon manager (excluding the back breed options)


What does it say on the breeding screen if you move to that pairing manually? Will usually give an error to say what the issue is


I have Mafic and Hedran breedable now.


2 boxes shown only one with a tick that is Marianas that i have now. the other show Elven vanguard but no tick.


Mafic at level 16 and Hedran at level 12 right?


Yes Kenshiki. I followed the Xenot path on red’s breeding path. Guess i can breed in manually like Carnquin mentioned. I suspect a glitch as there is a major change from Pg regarding cheaper breeding requirement now. I am just worried that by the time I used up my token on Estril, he is not in the incubator then i will be bummed!!!


When you push them to manually breed together, what does the screen show? Could you screenshot it?


Hi Red, that is what i have now. do you think it is safe for me to breed without “ready to breed” appear in Estril?


Could you show me this screen:


The elvan vanguard is estril.


You probably don’t have all the parents needed to breed estril. I recommend you to post what reds and the others are asking you. I really can’t tell. Not there yet.



Looks like you already have four fragments for Estril to me.

Edit: It is odd you don’t see the “ready to breed” though.

I just checked to be sure it should and mine does despite starting to breed the dragon.


Hi FLAK, yes I was just trying out breeding from pairing them and not through the “ready to breed” normal way. does that mean i can breed it? I never experience this before.


I say yes - safe to go ahead. I would log a ticket in game to track this with screenshots of everything. In the meantime, maybe @PGJared or @PGEggToken could take a look at this.


I think the fact that you can see the “Breed” and “add 1 Fragment” buttons it must just be a glitch. Otherwise you’d have a screen that says something like “you don’t have the parents of this dragon yet” or the similar one about needing to upgrade one or more of the parents.


Thank you Red and everyone that reached out! I was so lost as none of my teammates experience this before so they cant give advice. @PGJared or @PGEggToken Please help and advice as well. Now I am all set for this event and yeah! my first harbinger dragon!!! :joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Thanks again! :pray:


That sound logical but i was unsure and worried after i breed it will backfired me. fingercrossed!


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