Dragon or rider?

So I need an advice.

I will not be able to gain both a dragon (Avyx) and Tor the dragon rider this season and Im finding it difficult to choose between them.

I am currently about to breed Rizar in platinum and then Sekhem for my first sapphire dragon.

I already have necryx and I have all his evolution stones to obsidian. And I love playing Hunters.

And I have Zamrok (ice dragon) untill emerald tier and there are many great upcomming ice dragons in the tiers to come for me, which would be greatly boosted by bonding Tor with them. Note: im in platinum league and do not have Atlas yet.

So what would you choose and why? Avyx/or in general one of the divine dragons or Tor the dragon rider, when you dont have access to Atlas?

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Are you able to get avyx to obsidian and just tor, not the armor, for 6.2k sigils?

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Riders are forever and you’ll have Atlas some day. From what I read, this season’s divines haven’t been exceptional. :grimacing:

Rider & put him on anything if u get gear put him on your zamrok

I have 23k sigils now and we have what, 3 events left?

Avyx is 24k I seem to remember, so that would be another 7k sigils i need in 3 events - i dont think that will be possible for me, maybe 3k max…unless i spend rubies which i would rather save up for next season…

25k sigils for avyx, or rider.

If you don’t have Kayla, I say max the first page of both riders (that will let you max them out). Kayla’s great for xp, and Tor is all about boosting your dragon’s attack power. Armor isn’t strictly necessary as you can craft it in Atlas once you eventually have access, but you can pick whatever elemental armor you prefer and slap it on Tor.

Leave Kayla naked, that way you can move her to every dragon for a much needed xp boost.

Edit: I personally ended up going for Avyx because I really wanted the gold chests in his line to open this event. I wasn’t going to go for Tor’s armor becaue I don’t have as many ice type dragons in my roster.


I may be biased, because I went for Avyx, but I must say he is a phenomenal dragon. As a war lead, he is absolutely incredible. He kills towers extremely fast, leaving defenders reeling. As a follow-up for behind Necryx he laughs at high level farms, taking them down easily with Talon Frenzy. And when runed, Healing Mark restores 1/3 to 1/2 of his health for 1 rage.

If you enjoy hunters Avyx is not one you want to miss. The riders I am afraid I do not have as much experience with, but I do not think they would be the game changer Avyx is. With Avyx and Necryx, bases over level 200 have become easy for me, as I am currently level 86. I do not know of any divine hunters that have as much raw power as avyx, save for the mythic Neptus.

Since you are just starting Sapphires, Avyx will be viable for a very long time. We will have new riders every season, but their are no guarantees that a dragon with a similar skill set to Avyx will appear any time soon.


I hear Avyx is a great dragon and I was tempted to get him. I already have the Emerald stone for Borgian and the Obsidian stone for Necryx though, so I figured the riders were of higher value than another Obsidian stone hunter (while I have yet to hit Sapphire in normal line dragons).

I read Avyx does more dmg than Borgian though.

For Avyx, it’s pretty much what DerangedSkrill wrote. It also helps to have runes/glyphs to improve its Healing Mark. You’ll also want to consider the tradeoff between the better progression prizes found by maxing a dragon/likelihood of actually getting to Obsidian and that there’ll be many more dragons between now and then, as those sigils could be spent on the first page of a rider and then going back to finish what you can on the dragon. That really depends upon how much further you’ll get with sigils, though.

For rider/gear stats, a full set of seasonal rider gear (max rare) gives a +10% boost each to Attack and HP. Tor gives +8% each to HP and Attack, assuming that you train both those lines. With max Tor and full set of gear, that’s close to an extra set of Attack/HP boosts. You could get a set of gear in another season, though, to save on sigils this season.

Kayla can be useful as either a transferable wisdom rune (+11.6% XP) or making dragons cheaper to feed (-9%), but I’d likely save that as a third option, after Avyx/Tor.

In my opinion, neither Avyx nor Tor are the very best of their kind but they are surely a great addition no matter which one you choose.
I don‘t find Avyx of any use as a lead dragon on defended bases but he‘s amazing to clean or against undefended bases.
In terms of ATK/HP added, Tor is ranked #3 after the Atlas riders and Grogg. A rider will always be relevant and especially if you don‘t have Atlas yet, Tor should be worth it for you.

I heard that the proposal of boosting attack and HP from gear has been implemented. May I know if that is true?

I wouldn’t think so?

It was just a proposal here; they did note that it’d include seasonal rider gear, though - if it were to go in.

I have avyx, and he’s great - but since you already have necryx and all his stones, get the Tor and his gear.

Oh you can “change” the riders element?

So when u get atlas i can slap fire gear on him instead if i wanted to? And then he only fits fire dragons, right?

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Maybe off topic but I’m also having the same problem of choosing between avyx and Leo’s and im sitting on 24k sigils. I have Kayla first page and I hear that avyx is good

The rider doesn’t have an element, only the gear does. You can equip gear to a rider when you have them bonded to a dragon that has the matching element to that gear. Once you have gear equipped to a rider, you can only move them to other dragons of the same element. Otherwise you have to unequip the gear, which costs rubies.

I would recommend to get also both first pages of the rider and then see if they release another branch like they did always in the last two weeks.

Why naked riders? You can throw them on every dragon. This is not true if you buy and equip also the gear then you can only use Kayla on wind dragons and Tor on ice dragons which is meh if you didn’t get Neptus.

Avyx would be my pick even to platinum stone if they don’t releases anything fancy or something I would dislike

…but they could release a good Wind or Ice dragon next season and who knows when us lowly Platinum players will get Atlas to see another Wind or Ice set again.

If in need of a good hunter Avyx looks like a great choice though.