Dragon or rider?


You have avyx?


No but I hear he is better than Borgian and definitely better than Leo.


Let’s put it this way.

If you don’t have one or two good war hunters yet and if you like flying hunters a lot go for Avyx all the way.

If you have at least 2 good war dragons (aka dragons which are used and helpful in war attacks) or if you dislike hunters then go for both riders.


I have it and it’s awesome. It’s very good at clearing bases and if used right, also setting up bases.


These two statements conflict. Which one is correct? :thinking:


They’re not conflicting, just worded really awkwardly.

  1. naked riders don’t have an element, thus can be placed on a dragon of any element.
  2. once an armor is equipped on the rider, it is limited to a dragon of that armor’s element.
  3. you can unequip the armor using rubies if you want to make it naked again, or wish to use a different element or rarity of armor.


So Kayla can be equipped with ice element armor and put on an ice element dragon?



Although I highly recommend kayla stays naked bc she coaxes a lot of xp out of dragons and is very useful for training new Dragons.


Thanks :rose::rose::rose:


I was referring to the gear which is designated to those riders aka the gear in their branch. I run grogg which came with dark element gear on Estril using the correct gear (earth). Unequipping costs 400 rubies no easy way around that


Got it :+1:t3:


Well that‘s an easy one: Avyx.

Although it‘s important to have a bunch of good healing runes for Avyx to use his full potential.


Avyx for sure.


I did not go dragons this season , instead got Kayla naked, and maxed Tor, I also have Zamrock and Tor with Gear gives him plus 18 attack/ def approx, I love hunters but there’s times and bases where Zam will eat them up so I like him matched with ice gear, my Necryx is matched with Grog and his gear so they are a great one two punch depending on base design. That being said hunters are best dragon, but it’s great to have a Zam with a very good rider.

I would go Tor maxed on gear and put him on Zam, get your hunter next season.


I got kayla and leos runes. Ima try to do tor also for zam i was just hoping nobody would buy him up. They would discount for sure.


Okay another question to those with gear for kayla and or tor

What does the gear give? Attack, hp etc? Or does Kayla give more xp with her gear?

Im thinking of getting avyx and the first page of both riders…if im lucky/work hard :joy:


If you choose carefully, Kayla can provide over 11% XP boost. If you don’t equip any armor on her, you can move her from dragon to dragon of any element as needed, like a reusable super wisdom rune. Only takes an hour to switch her, no ruby cost if no armor is equipped.
Her armor is Wind element, maxed rare. IMO, if you are getting Atlas anytime in the future (Platinum) I would hold off on the gear. Legendary gear at level 3 exceeds maxed rare in buffs, so to me it is not worth the sigils.
I like your plan of getting Avyx and first page of the riders, which is what I am doing. Tor naked provides an 8% boost to HP and attack. Also, if you are a little short on sigils, you can complete only the first 3 lines on the first page for Tor. That gives you 8% HP and 7.4% attack, and only costs 3300 sigils rather than 6200 to complete the first page.


Thank u, good info.


Understanding that you play atlas, you should know how tough it is to get legendary gear and level them up. I know of players who spend a lot and don’t have legendary gear yet.
But i still agree to the point that its not worth spending sigils for anything other than first page.

Love this info. Thank you very much :star_struck:


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