Dragon Perch power - how is it calculated with Runes?

So I know the more runes you have on a dragon the more HP and attack it has, etc… but what about other runes like wisdom, rage, or spell-specific runes that used to help the dragon once upon a time but not really relevant for attack or HP? Do these boost the power of the dragon on the perch as well?

Can we put non-relevant runes on the dragon for the perch also, like Legendary Fireball or something and max it out to make the perch attack stronger, even if the dragon does not have fireball as a spell?

It won’t make anything stronger. Idk if it would make your DP go up by having runes on your perch dragon, but does it really matter? Your perch dragon isn’t going to be casting fireball any time soon.

And runes like rage/wisdom don’t boost the attack of dragons you fly, either. It only boosts your dragon’s AP number. If you put a legendary rage or a legendary rejuvenate rune on a dragon, it will raise it by the same amount of AP. It doesn’t matter at all whether it actually makes a difference or not.

I don’t need it to shoot fireballs or anyting… I was just wondering if I put a bunch of useless runes on it just to boost the perch attack power, if that would work or not?

I guess I could try to put some epic runes on there or something and scrap it and see if the perch attack power goes up or down.

I don’t know why it would but I guess feel free to try

I guess it doesn’t make a difference, i scrapped a legendary wisdom rune and perch attack power didn’t go down… And I added a legendary warrior attack and it didn’t go up… So I guess then Runes are irrelevant when it comes to perch attack power??? Might as well scrap all runes then and put a naked dragon on the perch.

I don’t know why you thought perch dragon runes were important

Well when I compare one legendary dragon to another same tier same level one has a higher attack power than the other… So I’m just trying to figure out how to max out the perch attack power in the same tier and same level

Like for some reason it shows Bilge has 48.7M attack power and Orthoptar could do 54.8M … But they are both expert legendary abyssal dragons so that’s why I’m confused? I thought maybe it was because ortho has.better.runes… Bilge has a better rider (max mythic all level 10s) but for some reason Ortho is stronger??

Dragon rune is useful only when the dragon is flying.


So what’s the difference why Bilge and Ortho have different attack powers?? Is it because one is a warrior and the other is a sorcerer?

Pretty sure it’s this

Hey guys, this was posted recently in one of the groups I’m in:

Attack apparently does make some sort of affect but it’s probably very small and unnoticeable…

Putting on useless runes to boost a meaningless number… Why would anyone want that?

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Support is wrong, Runes boost nothing lol.


For sure, warrior class comes in first place then sorcerer and last is hunters. Don’t know about invokers yet.
Also if we talk about runes equipped on dragon, it’s useless for perch dragon.
So perfect choice for perch is warrior with maxed rider gears.
Hope u got answer for your question.

Invokers cant place on Perch actually :man_shrugging:

Runes boost dragon power dragon attack power (not to be confused with the damage per second or the attack of the dragon) no matter if they do anything useful or not.

This stat does not help you in any way on a perch. (As you found out when you salvaged your wisdom rune/glyph)

The hp of your perch is impacted by the level of the perch (plus applicable tower buffs)

The attack of your perch dragon is impacted by both your dragon tier and level, as well as the perch level (plus applicable tower buffs)

Runes have no impact on it no matter what they are in my testing.

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Nothing to say more about it, rune perched dragon is useless :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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