Dragon perch timer


I suggest they put a visible timer on perches to remind people to feed them.


Theoretically, other than for feeding event, feeding the perch over 75% is a waste of food.

If the timer is applied, player should be alerted if the food is low (e.g. 25% or below).

Specific to Feeding event, we can feed it once every 18 minutes. Therefore, IMO, for feeding, it will be best to use your own timer.


Keep track of it yourself, there are enough timers running in the game to worry about this one


This is not a button mash in every aspect of this game. There needs to be some sort of methodology and strategy involved. Otherwise we all feel unchallenged. For example : some games can take an entire day to take a turn to take the time that all our bases are covered and :duck: are in a row. If the game highlights everything, where is the fun in that!?
Edit: We need to avoid making this game feel like a tutorial, and this idea dies just that to push that agenda, imo.


why dont you just ask for an auto feed button :laughing:


Probably also auto-raid feature :thinking:, so that each dragon in the roster can hunt food on their own :joy::joy::joy:


I want a Refrigerator of Destiny. It would hold an infinite number of sheep and deliver them to my dragons in little plastic trays.

With fireproof bibs.


I don’t see why a timer would be a bad thing, it’d be no different to the fact that we have timers for the base attack and defense boosts :woman_shrugging:


Timers for base atk and def is similar to timer mechanism for perch as of right now…
One bar means 90 minutes…

For feeding event, the perch can be fed at 95%.

Not exactly the same.


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