Dragon Perch, which 1 to choose?!



Hi guys, as title suggest, Which type of dragon is the best to put on the Perch? Considering the recent patch…
Argue your answer. Thx u all :slight_smile:

Ps. Right now i have a legendary warrior on Perch(because i love the 15% HP boost) , thats also my killer island.


Chunk, cause he’s adorable :panda_face:


What tier dragon are you at?


Next breeding will be a Garnet. My perch is lv29



Ok, sooo what is the best type?
Ps. What is Tower Ward?


But at lvl 29 perch I believe you can only have platinum dragon on perch

I think it is 31 you get sapphire on perch


It’s a shield that can trigger on your towers every time they get hit, similar to the ice turret shield iirc (don’t have one).


So there isn’t a mythic in platinum
And mythic give you the 3rd perk

So if you could lvl it to 31 where you could use a mythic sapphire would be better

Mehaten is who I used on the perch in that tier


Best dragon type depends on what towers you have on your perch island.

I have farms and mills, so I have a sorcerer - I like the healing boost, but a warrior isn’t a bad choice either. Hunter is useless since I don’t have any high damage towers


Here are the 3 mythic sapphire dragons (need lvl 31 perch I belive to use)

Hauheset is a great dragon to keep in your line up, so don’t put him on the

I would pick between Apo or Meh


Perch effected area now, not just that singular island. So choose accordingly


True… I have nothing behind my perch island. Still hate the new configuration for the effects of defenisve rider buffs.


hey Mech, right now im using the Perch Island as killer , then behind it i have the rest of my towers and farms. I moved my 6 Mage Towers on the middle-long island, and if used correctly, well , it works pretty good.
So, considering this, what do you think is the best, Warrior OR Sorcerer? Obviously I mean only when the base is actively defended. Right now i have Kaiju on it because i like the 15% HP boost to my 10 towers.

PS. Seagazer Perch ( the 1st )


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