Dragon perches need more power

Considering how expensive they are they really don’t add much value for base power. Either boost the attack power or increase the effectiveness of the “boosts” they are supposed to be giving to a base/island.


Actually perches are effective for farms if you put a mythic warrior on it :smile:
What do u mean expensive? Pearls?

I wish there is an option to move perches.

Pearls and speed ups, they take as long to finish as any tower.

Don’t you get too many pearls from Gold Chests…?

The attack power is nerfed tho

Tell me you don’t kill mage towers and regular towers out then hit perches last

I don’t think the perch is supposed to do so much damage, it is there so the island can get the buffs.

This is what I do on normal bases (bad bases). Players who follow @Mechengg 's guide will put the farms on the first perch island. When setting up with necryx, I sand the mage then kill the perch. Farms will be left but yeah on normal bases where there is real towers I will hit the perch last because the AP is not sufficient compared to regular towers.

No he has a valid point

Perches at later levels cost an appalling amount of timers.

The damage they provide are okish, but not fantastic.

I would however say that once obsidians get onto the perches they become significant at least.

But sapphire-emerald are a joke.

The defense rider was the single most useful thing for perches, and the construction time decrease is massive.

Pg are currently looking at perches, so expect some changes at least

I wasn’t arguing with his point. I was just pointing out that I didn’t think perches should do so much damage.

The mythic Sapphire does as much good in terms of bonus as mythic obsidian, is that proper? Lots of timers wasted for what?

I agree that mythic obsidian/harb should have another bonus so they are better than mythic sapphire.

Dragon perches are excellent at making it harder to take level 200+ bases with gold dragons. They deal a lot of damage at that level, and there is no resist against it

That would actually be great! I would love to be able to move perches…
They could even make it a one time move? Like soon as it’s moved once it permanently has to stay there!
Or can make it cost xxx amount of rubies to move?
Idk but I would love to move them!

2 perches on a Long Island would make a pretty strong Island lol

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I thought I heard this in another thread… do perch dragon and rider buffs apply to all towers on base or just on that particular island?

Whole base

So a perched legendary warrior imporoves the health of all towers on base?

There were 2 questions there.

Dragon perches apply their rarity bonus (health, supershots, attack) to their island only and go away when the perch is killed
Defense riders apply their bonus %'s to the entire base and is perpetual (stays when the perch is killed)

The rider buffs affect the whole base, the dragon bonus just the island.

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Thank you, that’s what i thought.

I don’t know that perches should be more powerful, but it would be nice to have 2 more… one on each of the other long islands. And maybe an elemental buff or totem effect to go along with dragon type.

@PGEggToken can we get a definitive answer on what is affected by perch dragon bonused?

I had heard that if it doesn’t say “nearby towers” that the bonus was base wide. Is this true or do all dragon bonuses (not the rider) apply only to that island?