Dragon Perch's Feeding guide?

Hi guys, i have searched the forum already but can’t seem to find anything on how much food a perch will consume per dragon? Coming up to the feed event i would prefer to have a hungrier dragon on the perch.
Case in point i believe Kinnarus (unevovled) eats 10k, but Amarok takes i think 6.4k.
I have looked on Aemoba and Dragon Manager and searched here. but short of putting each and every dragon on the perch to test which will take a long time i don’t have any ideas.
Also my Perch is capped at Orange tier.

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Too many variables. It would vary by dragon teir, dragon level, and perch level. Presumably, the most powerful dragon for the perch will also eat the most.

Does perch level affect it :thinking: ?
I thought it’s just Dragon tier, Dragon rarity, and Dragon level…

This has to be some kind of joke​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

no No joke? why is that? I was generally curious if someone out there knows how much even by group colour level (ie red vs blue vs orange vs obsidian?

Higher tier should require higher amount of food, though I haven’t compared between capped Ammy and capped Danny

You should level dragons up if you’re not at end game…

I do level my dragons. Kinarrus i have no stone for and i am passed playing with Amarok, I am lvl 78 and Whale is my next breed… i level my dragons when i can. I am curious are you ignoring the topic? or trying to offer advice i am not understanding.

Based on perch level… tier level of dragon might factor in… use highest possible

Thanks i will see what i can figure out.

Lol you sure bud?

You can feed every 15 minutes btw…

Yeah i think it is like 14min 40sec or something… i will be doing that.

18 minutes I guess. It’s 25% for 1.5h, so 5% for 18 minutes (Dragon can be fed again once it’s below 95%)

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