Dragon quest reduced chests?

I have a question: has there been a reduction in the chest drops? I get a lot of xp potions but barely any gold chests. Have asked around and apparently, more people are having the same problems…:thinking:
It would be nice to know, if there have been any changes to the sequence. Thanks!

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It certainly seems like it, though that could be because there are only quests for 5 seasonal dragons now when in the past we had 2 or even 3 seasons overlapping. On top of that we cant get the mythic eggs for cheap anymore like we could in Unchained and Unearthed (the only good part of that season structure) so we’re also throwing out a lot more quests. And we’re also down a legendary dragon this season since they cut a legendary line

So far almost every plat chest quest I’ve gotten has been for Caudart. I’ve only seen 2 quests for Sothe (the mythic I have), 0 for Perwog and around 6 or 7 for Caudart. It’s also kind of dumb that they never add the resurrection dragon into the quests


I now have four plat chest quests waiting on my decision; one Perwog, three sothe

I threw out 3 plats for Caudart yesterday (was saving 2 from last week in case I decided to get a 2nd mythic but Im not bothering).
I’ve had maybe 5 golds each for Connivyl and Grumuk so far.

Rates seem to be about the same on my end.

If it’s anything like gear drops there are likely dry spells, but yeah, I feel like I’m claiming less lately because we can’t collect dragons anymore (still upset about it, roast me but I like collecting stuff) and I’m still struggling to see how it’s better now, I’ll just trust what smarter people say.

I got several Perwog quests that I dumped because that’s the Mythic I definitely don’t want this season. The contenders are Cuadart and Sothe, not Perwog.


I have not gotten any. A ton for the warrior and a couple for the hunter.

Nonsense! Hunter elites, ATTACK!


From my experience chest quests have been significantly reduced. Season or 2 ago would have 1-2 chest quests constantly going at the same time. This season - lucky to get 1 every other day.

Plus - I haven’t received 1 ruby quest this season. Must have completely abandoned them and the 250 token ones as well.

A few players on my team have stopped doing them. Really not worth the time to do them anymore. If I didn’t mostly work from home and have my iPad next to my desktop - would probably stop doing them as well.


Only one gold this season and two platinum for sothe…it’s like the check your lineup and give you the least likely to have🤣

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Last season I hit dry spells a couple times and wouldn’t get much of anything for a week or two, but then I’d end up getting a bunch to make up for it. There were definitely at least a handful that I missed tracking but definitely ended the season with 35-40 plats from dragon quests.
Halfway through this season I only had 11 platinum quests come up and only ended up being able to do 3 of them. At this point I just don’t feel like it’s worth checking every 2-2.5 hours for new quests.


My Ronin, Noctarn, Hauhezen, Cal, Aerow, Barb and others will disagree with the implied statement that I look down on Hunters :rofl: This season I’m just not into a kappa frog Hunter, I want beautiful dragons (and Invokers).

Did you know I liked Disney movies? I want my WD Sisu!

But back to topic though, I dump xp missions below 4 stars but usually accept odd token or ruby missions, those are fine.

I should work on getting old dragons expert though, because certain missions are still unavailable to me because I’m missing expert dragons in certain tiers.

Edit: typo, and I forgot to mention Aerow, poor baby…


And the best thing is: if you use radiant tier dragons in quests, the whole thing breaks wn.
I really don’t get, why you changed the season setups so that you can’t get all mythics.

In the last 24 hours plus, since treasure hunt began I didn’t receive a single chest until 4-5 hours into it. Then about 7 hours later All chests disappeared from atlas runs until roughly 10 hours had past. I just did 10 runs and received a whooping 4 bronze chests. There years ago I had much less activity and could get about 15k bronze chests a season. Now I’m luck to get 12 k with over twice the activity level. I’ve written to pg several times and received dismissive responses that blame me for the issue. I’m heartily sick of it.