Dragon quest success % instead of required dragons change

I think we’ve all had that annoying thing where the dragon quest requires a dragon you don’t have (i.e. 2 mythics or some crap like that), or the whole “masters of [tier]” spiel, and maybe you only have 1 or 2 experts of that tier, not 3. Or one’s on a perch or something.

I’m proposing a system that many have probably seen in other games, where instead of requiring certain dragons on a quest, you “suggest” them for a higher success rate. If you assign the “suggested” dragons to the quest then you’ll get the rewards 100% guaranteed, like a normal dragon quest. However, if you assign say, two dragons that meet the “suggested” requirements and another random one, your success rate is somewhere around 65% - you won’t know until you’ve completed the quest whether you got the prize or not. That way, if you get one of them gold chest quests but don’t have that particular divine needed, you can still assign 4 dragons meeting the “suggested” requirements and have a good chance of getting it, but it’s not a guarantee.

Of course, people will complain about “ewww i just spent a day on this quest and it gave me NOTHING boohooo war dragons bad game devs lazy”, but that’s their own problem, as they knew the chance of failure did exist. Maybe for failed quests you got a 10 ruby compensation bonus, not like that matters though.

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Would we still have the choice to bin a quest and just get on with life?

Because I’d do that.

Of course! If you think the reward isn’t worth it or the success rate is too low, you can totally bin it.

They’ve actually dropped those, the platinum chest missions are now single mythic:

Doesn’t really change your argument though, and I think it’s a decent idea that’s not that complicated to implement.

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If this is implemented, high chance that the amount of non XP prize will be dropped to 1 specific dragon. Won’t change things :woman_shrugging:

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One day I had to trash all but 4 for the entire day. It does get a bit frustrating not being able to complete them because they constantly pick the same dragons you don’t have.