Dragon Quest Sync Error

Not a gamebreaker but I have one Dragon Quest which seems to be causing a sync error.

The quest is “Fierce Warrior” and every time I fill the dragon slots and tap Go I get a sync error

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I’ve gotten the sync error with quests twice now. I end up having to trash all my quests and start fresh. That’s the only way I’ve been able to work around it.

Does this happen repeatedly, even right after you get the sync error and it restarts? There is a known bug where these sync errors can happen after a soft reset, i.e. switching to a different app on your phone and switching back. The sync error should go away after hard reset (stopping the game completely and restarting, or a sync error). If your game is behaving differently, it could be a new bug I haven’t heard about.

It would be helpful to create a ticket for this with as many details as possible, like a couple examples of times when it happened.


Yes, it happens constantly. I have hard closed the app and restarted and it still gives the error, only after doing this one quest.

I haven’t tried to delete the quest yet because I wanted to see if anything would stop the sync issue but nothing has so far.

I’ll open a ticket

Yes. Every time the bugged quest is attempted to start, the game experiences a sync error. I tried for days the first time it happened to me, before just deleting my batch and hoping the new ones wouldn’t have the same error.

It seems that Mythic Krygant was the issue.

Every time I ran the dragon quest with Mythic Krygant there was a sync error. When I ran the same quest without Mythic Krygant, no sync error

I don’t have Krygant on this account, so it’s not just tied to him, unfortunately.

Worth having a play around and seeing if it’s unique to specific dragons

Oh I agree. Next time I get the bug I’ll definitely do that.

Whats a quest?

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Just had another one of these. Again, caused by Mythic Krygant. Vigilance quest caused sync error and restart when I tried to add Krygant. When I added Nockmar instead, no error