Dragon Quest Titles and Puns

Someone pointed out to me that the dragon quest titled “Drude and the Sandstorm” is likely a pun on Darude - Sandstorm.

Did anyone else find any interesting puns in their dragon quests? I’m horrible at pop culture references so pretty much blanked on all of them.


One quest that requires a full line up of Sorcerers has in the description “A Wizard is always on time” which is a reference to quote by Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings



“The Rock
A heavily-fortified enemy has been sending you threats. You’ll need to send sturdy dragons to silence them!”

Not Dwayne Johnson, but a movie starring Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage.


Came across a new one today “Live by the Fang.”

My best guess is it’s derived from " live by the sword, die by the sword."

Came across a new quest title : “Wake of Destruction: Send out a team to secure treasures from the charred remains of an enemy stronghold.” Requires the dragon Stormheim. Hmmm…

A few new ones I need to source:

Hunting Trip: Something stirs in the Spinal Mountains. Hunt it down.

Maybe Spine of the World | Forgotten Realms Wiki | Fandom?

Wizardry School: Send Munin and two sorcerer friends to take some magic lessons.

Obviously Harry Potter

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