Dragon quests could be more interesting and useful

The dragon quest mission prizes need a fix. Currently they are almost pointless enough to become a blind spot for most players. Instead of mainly xp potions couldn’t PG mix it up a bit and give a variety of prizes. When the gold or platinum chests do happen they are often linked to a dragon that you don’t have. And as for xp I doubt anyone needs more of that as most dragons are full of xp but held back by den level ups or base level, etc. Most of our dragons have enough xp stockpiled to max out half a dozen times. Please stop giving us xp potions and consider mixing it up a bit.


So claim all the legendary dragons in a season. That’s what I do, especially now that we get plat chests for any version of the ascending dragons and those quests last well into the next season.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the food pack, bronze chest and some of the xp potion quests revamped with other stuff but really you should just be throwing out every quest except for 2hr ones and ones for gold and plat chests. Nothing else is worth the time that it takes.


This is what I do, too, to be able to do all chest quests, but it surely will be useful if the game itself checks what dragons we have and give is only the quests that we can actually do.


Would be nice to sub out some XP potions with bars and or embers :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe swap food for eggs

I’m currently in a painfully long sequence of just XP potions and nothing else. I must of binned 50 consecuative missions.

I think ill get a group of golds and plats soon but I’m at the point where I havent accepted a mission all week.

It does seem like a waste and a bit pointless if we are all cancelling 95% of the quests and not even doing them.

I can’t think of any other game that I play where I dont even bother to do the quest usually quests are all beneficial this game is the odd one out in that very few quests are worth our time doing.


Yeah putting bars, embers, inners, energy packs, or maybe the odd equitable spell would be way better than the xp potions at this point.

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Remove the intentionally stagnant dragon quest feature completely and improve actual prizing and prize claim flexibility elsewhere in the game because this feature does nothing but offset the escalation used to drive spending.

If they’d stop the endless escalation we would not need a Xp vending machine we call dragon quests.

And flagging this post because you do not like my perspective does not make it off topic nor am I violating any community guidelines ……


Would love to see more prize options for dragon quests! Getting atlas shards potentially would be nice. Egg tokens, timers. If they made everything available, even better. Keeps it exciting and a mystery. I’m kinda done with the potions and just delete those quests to make room for ones with chests.

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The quests had become a blind spot for me for over a year until someone reminded me about them. Frankly the time wasted in going in and checking them negates the possible one gold chest every week. They really need to fix this and it should be easy enough to do. XP potions are completely useless.


At least this feature doesn’t escalate content in a material way. But I think there is no harm updating the drops. I think its supposed to just be “something to do” kinda feature.

If this is sequenced like other things in game I do believe there is a stretch where I do not get any gold or plat for 2.5 days.Never experienced any longer one.But this is strictly every 2 hours.So like 9 cycles a day.

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I’m more of a 2 cycles per day I think lol :smiley:

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I think some escalation is ok because it gives us a goal which creates something to do even if it is artificial.

Most games like this you are chasing player levels then gear grades, factional reputation, pvp levels or crafting.

For me the escalation in this game is a bit too fast (burnout) and there aren’t enough pathways to support all play styles, especially in atlas. (Attrition of high grade F2P players)

It would be awesome if they added more F2P grinding features like x2 chest drop in treasure hunt, and added 50% gold farming to baseline atlas accounts.

Atlas gear is something that just causes people to quit because the gear is a game changer but its quite unobtainable for f2p players.

Yes I agree some escalation is proper in a game’s design and adds depth of play and then it should stop and allow tactical play to develop.

There needs to be some player movement and growth in the form of escalation as a player approaches an objective.
But endless escalation of almost all content and all features with no viable objective is not sustainable……

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I agree. One example of excessive escalation is Gold 2 Prims.

They released Gold 2 prims when only 10% players had completed all 4 Gold 1 prims.

Most companies move the goals when the majority of the players hit them. To move them that early is excessive.

Dragon cadence and tower cadence are doable for all players as long as they grind or spend.

Base length is more spending only but whales do need something.

Reaearch is something else for whales only but at least the benefits on reseach are mostly small.

Limited time branches are a mechanic which could lead to big gaps between F2P and whales so these branches should be more limited 1-2 per season. Having 5-6 like this season is too many.

Any time the gap gets too big people leave.

The biggest problem is atlas. Its not sustainable for most F2P assuming they want to complete it.

It’d be cool if the quests had an impact on your spells or dragon stats. One quest “cloak and dagger” (for example) could give your dragons +5% health each time they do it. Personally I think this would be cool if it worked in the same way as runes and rider gear. By doing certain quests, dragons gain extra boosts. Could probably use that dragon on a quest max number of times before they can’t be buffed from it anymore. Example: Gilas has done the cloak and dagger quest 5 times and has gained the max boost. Gilas may still do the quest, just not gain anything else from it.

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