Dragon quests impossible to do!

I have a question about the new dragon quests. I have to do the quests with dragons that are 3 to 4 tiers higher than my current tier / highest dragon. Every time I delete the quests hoping to get new and better quests, it’s just more of the same: always 3 to 4 tiers higher than my highest dragon. So I never can do any quests. Is that the new PG policy? Luring people into things they can never get? I expect PG to allow players to do the dragon quests according to their current dragon tier… Another PG failure…:rage:

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Its breeding next event.

I was not talking about the breeding event, but about the dragon quests that you find under the button with the book on the left of your screen…

They’re not even scaled for breeding progress? Then these literally are useless.
The only players that even have use for xp potions would be newer players below emerald or obsidian. higher than that and an xp pot wont even put a dent in what’s needed for 1 level.

Im at Eldtrich and other than the few that use only elements, all tiers I get are obsidian - Abyssal. I at least thought they’d have the lower tiers for lower level players.
Oh PG…
PG Facepalm

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I know :slight_smile: I am teaching you PG support jargon. Its breeding event, just breed the 3-4 tiers missing. Problem solved, ticket closed.

I think this is the thread you’re looking for:


The only prices are xp potions. Once you are able to do them, they are worthless. Just ignore the quests.

This was already brought up in the official thread.


If you want to discuss on this topic, please do so in the thread that @Morreion has linked :slightly_smiling_face: