Dragon Quests - No more chests?

It’s been a few days since I’ve seen chests, egg tokens, or rubies appear in dragon quests.

Am I just unlucky or is this a thing now?


I have the same issue.
They probably over fixed old divines in chests so now we get no chests


I’ve been getting chests maybe wd just doesn’t like you? :joy:


I get 1-3 gold chests every day.

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I don’t see that much gold chests anymore either

I havent seen any non xp pot quests in several days either. I havent even been getting my daily 2-3 morta quests to throw away


I also have not seen chests or egg tokens! Hmmm, I am unloved as well. Whyyyyyy?

Me as well

I got one the other day but it was for a current season legendary I don’t have so I had to bin it :roll_eyes:. Used to get them much more regularly than I have recently so it does seem nerfed.

1 chest here and there…I’d rather have the 250 egg tokens and 2 star and up potions you will love once you forget you have them. then they’ll come in handy

It’s not often that I see those either. And when I’m fortunate enough to get one I never have the dragon I need for it.

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There has definitely been a change to quests. I usually had at least 1 of the limited event quests a day during events. Usually had to dump a couple requiring event dragon I didn’t have. I haven’t seen one limited quest in over a week. I assumed they updated something and changed the quests because most of the quests I see now are simple 3 dragons quests. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I finally got a bronze chest :tired_face: quest last night for Tal. First one I’ve had in about a week

Just go and create support tickets. They haven’t listened to my solo ticket yet

I’m still getting potions but it ain’t that bad. One gold chest a day, now that would be nice.

Are you sure those aren’t bronze?
Chests of any kind are very rare for me. 1/day is a good day. usually more like 1/2-3days.

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I haven’t gotten a single bronze chest quest in my dragon quests. They’ve all been gold chests. I thought those were the only chests in there :rofl:


They look a lot like the gold chests… but they are 12hrs IIRC, not 24.

Same here, now that I’m free from Morta, I saw just 1 gold chest in a week.

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The chest drought continues.

Could someone at PG please look into this.