Dragon Quests - please fix this!

It’s bad enough that you keep giving me quests for dragons that I don’t have, or that are on perches but… yesterday I had 3 identical quests, all needing Seraph!

Surely this isn’t a difficult thing to fix? Yet it’s been like that ever since you introduced the feature and it’s annoying every time it happens.


Sounds like the game is telling you to go get Seraph…


People do quests for things other than gold or plat chests that are 2hrs long?
Just throw them out, problem solved. Anything over 2hrs isnt worth doing unless you’re getting a chest from it


In my experience, once you’re breeding a tier below(or at tier?), you will get the tier-specific missions. For some odd reason, this didn’t apply to Radiant dragons. My suspicion is that the Radiant tier missions were coded as seasonal dragon quests and it’s too small of an issue for the majority of WD players to care about.

Where do you do quests?

I’ve had Seraph for years. What I don’t have is 3 of him!

And that’s quite okay. As you have 3 non chest quests simply cancel the second and third and move on with real life for 2.5 hours. Hopefully when you return you have a better quest