Dragon Rage when you begin a run

This has propably been discused berfore. Would love that the dragon have full rage in the begining of a run, especially in the temple event, or be able to fill up the rage with a poition.

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There is research you can do to start with more rage. If you complete all of it, your dragons will actually start with full rage.

You can look for “+1 Starting Dragon Rage” in Research - Neon War Dragons, it’s in purple, blue, orange and green tier.


yes ,u can get full rage by research


This thing is something you have to earn through research. I’m guessing you’re pretty low in level. You’ll get these research tiers done quickly, if done right.


i think he is lvl 300+ if he is who i know

Sorry did not know that, thx for the ansvere, an other question then have all the green dragons, but not enough green eggs to get past the research. Or do I have to use rubies. Was always told that reascherch could wait, now I know better thx again.


Yes, green research is where most people get stuck (including me). You’ll/we’ll get there eventually. The most crucial research is the “Construction Efficiency.” That is a must-have. Starting rage would probably be second.

PG if you’re reading this, green reallyyyyyyy needs a discount :slight_smile:


i kinda agree with this try making a topic in suggestions

Well it seems you reached the point in this game the regular breeding is not enough to get 100% of a tier research and that means you will need to breed extra eggs for all the research you need. My suggestion is don’t do all research that is available to save eggs not all research is relevant to current meta and some are a big help.

I would be ok with the trading post offering 50-100 green eggs. I am stuck and have to determine if I stop growing to research or sacrifice research to grow.

As far as rage goes, I just struggle with hitting a defended base and the first dragon loses all it rage and dies. Now I am going into an impossible situation with going right into a kill island that is amped up with no rage on the following two dragons.

This. Research is really just an added bonus. Follow a breeding path and get the most useful research you can with the extra eggs you get. (Always prioritize the building time reduction).

And yes, defended bases are tough. If hitting above tier, I don’t know a single legendary dragon that can handle defense. You pretty much need a mythic to be able to power through a good defender. It’s a sad reality, but that’s how it is.

My suggestion would be to get a few necessary research nodes:

  • All 5 building reduction time. The last one is in Platinum research and is tough to get to because of green.
  • Starting Rage research. I don’t remember where they are all, but with all of them you start with full rage.

Aside from those, I’d just progress as much as possible in breeding the next tiers because it’ll give you a lot more strength than any research can. Also, the prices are dropping with time, and some research are becoming irrelevant anyway with new towers/spells, so it makes more sense to wait until you’re caught up before investing in research.

Thx for the help

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