Dragon randomly speeds up?

Might be a silly question or just my imagination but it seems like sometimes when I am attacking a base my dragon will suddenly start hauling a$$ and cause me to not complete an island I typically could finish off. Is this just a latency thing maybe or is it just me or…?

Orrey? :eyes:

It’s been happening ever since I started playing, not sure if the orrey was even out back then. Could be the orrey and I’m just on autopilot not paying attention lol derp. I seem to mostly notice it though when I’m trying to finish off rss on the enemy’s first island

Im like 99% sure its Orrey thats how it sounds to me :nerd_face:


well now i just feel dumb lol

Aerow can get stuck on like a boost if you rewind while an orrery is hitting you. Then it’s like he’s stuck on being pulled


The game seriously is glitchy if this is the case.

This happened to me today…I was like „hold on, I‘m not flying Krelos here :rofl:

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