Dragon Release Timings + Old Forums Spell Breakdowns


Edit 2: Nov. 2018 - no longer updating in-depth

Edit: This has since been expanded from the original. If people want a full list of dragons & spells, unhide the “D” sheet here.

As the old forums will inevitably go away, I expanded an old reference doc that I was using for putting together an abilities sheet; that’ll be a while, though, so here it is if people are interested. This is just quick and dirty copypasta for now, and I like concept art/sketches, so those are linked.

All the copypasta!

Dates in are YYYY-MM-DD, international standard.

Lineage (Old Forums)

Also, rough lineage release timings (Emerald and Obsidian were preview threads):

  • 2016-09-14: Sapphires
  • 2016-12-06: Garnet Legendaries (Avalanche, Jul, Frostbiter, Zaru, Renard, Ursa) and Aquileas and Austeros (Mythic)
  • 2017-02-14: Garnet Mythics - Gloomclaw, Icicle
  • 2017-03-31: Emerald Legendaries (Pyrochis, Kyrule, Deci, Ferga, Kerbos, Slax)
  • 2017-05-25: Emerald Mythics - Nier, Stormheim, Xenot
  • 2017-07-25: Obsidian Part 1 - Archimera, Noctua, Marianas, Wraith, Rhyo (Mythic)
  • 2017-09-18: Obsidian Tier Part 2 - Hedran, Lumina, Girasol (Mythic), Mafic (Mythic)

For divines (in the linked doc), Fall 2017 was the last season on the old forums; one year of seasons doomed it. :scream:

Lineage (New Forums)


Part 1, 2018-01-18: Details & Concept Art

  • Morthil: Frost Shield, Malefic Breath, Ice Turret Resist, Fire Flak Resist
  • Wydrian: Bloodfury, Heat Shield, Heated Breath, Fire Flak Resist
  • Estril: Earthquake, Cloak, Consume, Adaptive Resist
  • Shezard: Seeker Shots, Reverse Projectiles, Spell Flux, Dark Flak Resist
  • Destar (Mythic): Frost Shield, Spell Flux, Bloodfury, Dark Flak Resist

Part 2, 2018-05-08: Details & Concept Art

  • Lokan: Cloak, Galvanic Overload, Healing Mark, Adaptive Resist
  • Opes: Southern Cross (Dark), Nova, Absorb Magic, Fire Flak Resist
  • Keth (Mythic): Cloak, Leech Essence, Soul Devour, Adaptive Resist
  • Rajin (Mythic): Spell Flux, Absorb Magic, Seeker Shots, Fire Flak Resist


Part 1, 2018-06-30: Details & Concept Art

  • Jotun: Storm Shield, Rampage, Sacrifice, Elemental Resist
  • Balahm: Soul Devour, Ferocious Shield, Regenerate, Fire Flak Resist
  • Sanguis: Blood Essence, Chaos, Cloak, Adaptive Flak Resist
  • Redrian: Flash, Galvanic Overload, Entrap, Adaptive Flak Resist
  • Altimorak: Earth Familiar, Magic Barrier, Seeker Shots, Adaptive Flak Resist
  • Kaze: Umbral Spike, Northern Lights (Dark), Mystic Barrage, Ice Flak Resist

Part 2, 2018-09-23: Details & Concept Art

  • Oni (Mythic): Ferocious Shield, Bloodfury, Derisive Shriek, Elemental Resist
  • Itzani (Mythic): Shadow Strike, Desiccating Sand, Bloodlust, Undying Will
  • Jormungandr (Mythic): Tidal Surge, Flash Freeze, Magic Barrier, Elemental Resist

Seasonal Divines (New Forums)

Wintertide (Winter 2017) Season, Tempest Collection

Legendaries: Mythic Obsidian & Mythic: Legendary Harbinger
Part 1, 2017-12-04: Details & Preview (concept art)

  • Avyx: Cloak, Talon Frenzy, Healing Mark, Ice Turret Resist
  • Equestor: Lightning Familiar, Thunderbolt, Extract Essence, Lightning Resist
  • Leos (discount dragon): Lion’s Rage, Blazing Shield, Dark Flak Resist, Fire Turret Resist

Part 2, 2018-01-05: Details & Preview

  • Gladicus: Shield Assault, Rejuvenate, Seismic Screech, Dark Flak Resist
  • Neptus (Mythic): Tidal Surge, Riptide, Corrosive Brine, Ice Turret Resist

Festive Dragon, 2018-02-13: Details & Concept Art

  • Kirin: Mystic Winds, War Cry, Ice Turret Resist, Fire Flak Resist

Springveil (Spring 2018) Season, Mythos Collection

Legendaries: Legendary Harbinger & Mythic: Mythic Harbinger
Part 1, 2018-03-06: Details & Concept Art

  • Aibrean (discount): Chaos, Spring’s Renewal, Flash, Fire Flak Resist
  • Nollaig: Winter’s Bite, Frost Shield, Regenerate, Ice Flak Resist
  • Corthanak (Mythic): Ghostfire Blast, Ghostfire Wreath, Sacrifice, Dark Flak Resist

Part 2, 2018-04-10: Details & Concept Art

  • Samhrad: Summer’s Purification, Northern Lights (Dark), Solar Strike, Fire Turret Resist
  • Fomhar: Autumn’s Reap, Entrap, Vanish, Ice Turret Resist

Summerflare (Summer 2018) Season, Codex Collection

Legendaries: Mythic Harbinger & Mythic: Legendary Vanguard
Part 1, 2018-06-05: Details & Concept Art

  • Coatl (discount): Thunderbolt, Northern Lights, Mystic Barrage, Adaptive Resist
  • Cuauhtli: Cloak, Heatstroke, Everlasting Hunt, Fire Flak Resist
  • Huitzil (Mythic): Explosive Aegis, Bloodfury, Lightning Storm, Dark Flak Resist

Part 2, 2018-07-10: Details & Concept Art

  • Tez: Stoneform, Fury of the Wastes, Echoing Blast, Ice Flak Resist
  • Zotz: Syphon Strike, Sacrifice, Shadow Dispersal, Dark Flak Resist

Part 3, 2018-07-24: Details & Concept Art

  • Axi: Rainbow Shot, Elemental Bubble, Regenerate, Adaptive Resist


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Prizing Structure/Notes Archive

  • Wintertide, Springveil, Summerflare
  • If people have these from earlier seasons, let me know :smiley:. Seasons before Wintertide didn’t get a special name.
  • Wintertide (Winter 2017) had Kirin as the festive/bonus. Fall 2017 had Anuba. Summer 2017 had Nydryr. Before that, there was one season that had temporary rotating branches, and I don’t remember the rest…
  • Summerflare (Summer 2018) tried out letting people claim up (inclusive) to the platinum stone of the mythic upon fully claiming one legendary pre-req.
  • Duskfall (Fall 2018) saw the introduction of two mythics.

Miscellaneous Divines

  • Ember (+ reduced healing) 2017-07-12: Death Gaze, Cloak, Archer Resist, Invert
  • Ochre 2017-11-22: Heated Breath, Shield Blast, Berserk, Cannon Resist
  • Chunk 2017-03-27: Super Rejuvenate, Belly Flop, Cloak, Ballista Resist

Class History

Season Mythic 1 Mythic 2 Discount Bonus/Festive
Fall 2016 S - Phasmos
Winter 2016 W - Algor
Spring 2017 H - Morphos W - Abraxxas
Summer 2017 S - Merkt W - Drakius S - Nydryr
Fall 2017 W - Moonfang H - Necryx S - Anuba
Wintertide - Winter 2017 H - Neptus W - Leos W - Kirin
Springveil - Spring 2018 S - Corthanak H - Aibrean
Summerflare - Summer 2018 W - Huitzil S - Coatl H - Axi
Duskfall - Fall 2018 H - Pathox W - Aristrat W - Cavaleris S - Somnus
Winterjól - Winter 2018 W - Urd, Verd, & Skuld S - Surt H - Gunnar H - Skoll & Hati

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