Dragon Rider Björn Official Discussion Thread


Please discuss the upcoming Dragon Rider Björn!

Link to the announcement post:

Update on 12/20

We would like to apologize for the rocky release of Dragon Rider Björn. In our initial announcement, which features information about Björn’s Skill Tree, the Building Upgrade Time skill maxed out at -10% construction time. However, upon release of the Rider in-game, it maxed out at -7%. We’ve decided to change the max percentage to the originally advertised -10%. We apologize again for the wrong info, and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we reviewed this matter.

Happy hunting!

Defend with the Power of the Veteran Raider, Björn!

my brother from another mother…

Got two def riders so guess it’s a waste for me.



Gosh thanks for not making him specifically for ice dragons only, but only when he’s wearing the armor set. No way I’d like him to be element capped :sweat_smile:

He’s not exciting but well… I have only atlas rider and she’s great for fortification but I’ll grab that bear for defense purposes. (And sale always works)


Getting him for production purposes (and cause riders are Pokemon for me, gotta catch ‘em all…except for Portia, cause you know why).


There are no riders that are “element capped”.


@Arelyna do you have his skill tree by any chance


is it possible to get 13/13 hp/att and 10% construction bonus?


Same crap as all the others


If we can’t I’ll throw a tantrum, because I WANT this Rider :joy: He has a HAMMER so I’ll call him Thor or Mjölnir. I’d be really pissed if we have to choose between full HP/Attack or construction time…


Click through to the Announcement post for that info!


Crisis, what was probably asked is the 2D model of the skill tree, not just the list of all bonuses. Can you please provide it if you can?


Oh, I gotcha. We’ll be showing that off on stream tomorrow, I don’t have a screenshot of it on-hand. You can see how the skill tree will look in-game tomorrow!


:sweat_smile: Thanks anyway for replying.



Creepy Clown > Muscles > Incan Priest


Am I the only one that finds it odd that he’s riding UVS, he’s a defense rider, he should be sitting on the perch drinking a beer :beer:




That’s been how they have ALWAYS worked though


My favorite scene of that movie!

Also, if you have Lorenzo, Bjorn is completely uninteresting. If you have tanok, still uninteresting. If you don’t have an atlas def rider with the construction bonus, only then is it interesting. Or if you don’t have any rider at all, get this one.


That reason + moarr half-price items + I want a Thor if I can’t have my favourite Norse God this season. That’s all the reasons I need :grin:

Hint : he’s adopted :smirk:

Edit : that poor old man in the back just crack me up :rofl:


That doesn’t mean she can’t say thank you