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Hi, agree he is a def rider, but if you put an offensive armor on him you will get the armor’s boosts, even if the rider’s own boosts are useless.
I spent only 5 shards, won’t level him up and will still get him useful (will use crafted armor, the point is no more sigil wasting on his 2nd page, no need to go beyond his 5 first shards…)


thx u.
This rider dont worth it the sigils


It may be easily obtainable but takes a long time to level for smaller accounts that are constantly hit by people 100+ levels above them.


No, no it doesn’t. You assume I didn’t level that being crushed by max vangaurds. Put it on a farm perch and enjoy.


For a small account sub 100 that’s free to play or normal elite only it is hard keeping up with troops when your getting crushed by 200+. Not sure what level you are but below 100 is a totally different ballgame.


I’m 238 having 2 obsidians bred. If you’re below 100 Atlas is a joke and you should have already accepted the pain and punishment it brings. The point goes back to the construction bonuses only. If you’re that low level you really don’t need it on a rider. Get the atlas Rider and slowly get what you need. Timers aren’t nearly as huge of a concern and you get 20% from research. Don’t hurt yourself and screw up a rider for this.


Don’t forget to switch your defensive rider to atlas defensive rider guys #oneperchproblem :see_no_evil:


That’s what I’m gonna do before every fortification from now when I’ve got new def rider :ok_hand:t3: Her construction time reduction is too awesome, no one can beat it.

So today for the first time I’ve changed def rider from atlas to Bjorn, trained on all HP skills. He’s not a game-changer at all :smile: but gave at least a light change in Dp 260M -> 280M with totally same gear.

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