Dragon Rider Björn Official Discussion Thread


Probably the same as Tanok, able to only max 1 and partially max the other. They really need to stop doing that, all the pre-summer riders could max their stat boosts


Or alternatively if you have OCD and MUST HAVE DEFENCE during Fort, then Muscles is a good compromise between swapping Lor/Tan with Atlas rider every Fort event.

Or you can have a second legendary set and swap at will :man_shrugging:


No but it kinda bugs me to think that she might have a rider on a specific dragon only because she thinks it’s tied to an element :yum:. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “x dragon is retiring so I have to find another y element dragon to use this rider (and crappy gear it came with) on”.


10% construction buff?


So you’ve basically devalued our previous seasonal defensive riders. Their construction buff, which is one of the main reasons for getting a defensive rider outside of Atlas to begin with, was only 7%.

So how about going back and retroactively applying that 10% to them?


Oh my, new stuff is better than old stuff. Not really a major surprise is it? And for 3k sigils, it’s a bargain compared to upgrading to the shiniest new divine dragons.


That’s my point. The earlier ones were FULL PRICE (iirc- edit, Tanok’s first page was 1/2 price, my bad). Now you can get a BETTER one, for almost nothing?!

Edit, if any of you suckers got Lorenzo last season, you should be raising hell…3 weeks later, they offer another seasonal rider, at a fraction of the cost, with better buffs…


Tanok 7% was half price
Lorenzo 7% was full price
Björn 10% half price
Atlas Rider 12%


Anyone who got the Lorenzo last season paid what they thought it was worth, imo. PG wouldn’t make any sales off this rider if he wasn’t an improvement over the last one. Just like new divines are better than old ones, why would riders be any different? (Think Oksana v. Tor, for example.)


Combat stats Lorenzo is best. Everyone above gold should have the atlas defender rider, so then if someone has the atlas rider and tanok, then I would ignore this rider and go for say the token boost. I guess if you’re end game and working three perches of max towers, well then they’ll get this rider anyway.

Basically I’m saying that combatively, he’s not that impressive to previous ones, as his construction bonus is made mute by the atlas defender.


I wonder if everyone will be singing the same tune if/when they release, say Atlas armor, that’s Legendary+, but just a wee bit weaker than the season stuff.

You know, the stuff that players have spent thousands getting leveled up.


I’d say my teammates can’t…

Also, what is his optimum stats (Atk spc / Def spc / balance)?


You can see the 2D model under hire new rider, personally not impressed unless u can Max all bonuses on the rider. I still might get this rider’s first page just because I’m a sucker for a discounted stuff😕


Guess what? I know :joy: you’ve no idea how many times I told that in other threads myself.
Funny how eager ppl to teach someone who doesn’t ask for that.
Told that in a context you might not know.


If you don’t have a defense rider, he is good. In the other cases, he is useless.


I already have tanok, and atlas rider for construction discount…gonna wait for next rider then


It says he have -7% construction boost.
@PGCrisis ig there’s something wrong with Björn


they should not limit rider missions so we can use these other riders🤔


I dont get it…There are 3 defense riders on game, atlas,Tanok,Lorenzo.
Why do we need another one? is this why he is on a discount?

Honestly I was secretly hoping for a discounted dragon rider.


That is an excellent idea :thinking: