Dragon Rider Björn Official Discussion Thread


What about players who havent gotten those 3 defensive riders?


Isn’t there a rider with -20% construction time? Lorenzo??
Im not sure i havent looked at Lorenzo, i have him but only first masks just to collect him.


I believe that’s all we’ve got

so atlas rider is best for now for the fortification


Nah there’s no rider with -20%, the best we got is -12%

Edit: what @Anchang said above


New stuff improves
“What about my old stuff!”
“I want compensation!”
“This is just a money grab!”

New stuff stays the same
“No point to getting that”
“I guess I’ll just save my sigils”
“This is the same as what I already have”

… just saying. If you aren’t happy in any situation, your opinion won’t be taken seriously. Not just you; anyone who complains regardless of what happens.


Although the point is moot now that we know the 10% was an error. The correct construction time debuff is 7%, just like the past riders.
Whoop dee doo.

I’d follow Lutrus’ advice, he summarized what one should do across various scenarios quite well.


Ok so BJÖRN is -10% not -7%?

  • I only have a basic defensive rider and im currently stargving for Black Pearls.
    So should i go for em?


Did they announce it or is this a CF preview?


Can we just keep it at -10%?
Im planning on getting Björn. I only have the basic rider unlocked with red rider shards.
In your opinion, should i get Björn?


Can you confirm both here and in the original thread?(if it’s updated)


:expressionless: Seems that you asked the wrong person.

Try asking PG staff instead :wink:


Jeez man, what’s with all the bold shouting? Make up your own mind


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I think that CF was mad at last person for complaining at least thats what the CFs reply indicated. Probably got off the forum?


This new rider Bjorn is a rip-off, this training tree sucks, making it even weaker and useless than Tanok. We are interested in having a tree like that of Tanok with the reduction of construction time that does not decrease the defense and the attack of the rider for a few pennies of food warehouse Legnano. The tree so sucks, please arrange the tree like that of Tanok, which is the most useful and balanced and system -10% of the buildings as announced. Among other things, his tree says -7% and not -10% of the reduction as announced.


Not 10%… well done PG. :man_facepalming:


7%, and it comes at the cost of sacrificing 3.5% attack or hp as well. Bjorn is indeed the worst defensive rider so far. For 3k I might still pick him up to do rider missions and in case I ever get a second perch and PG suddenly don’t release any defense riders for a few years, but it will feel like pretty much zero value.


At 10% it was at least appealing. Still less construct bonus than Atlas but at least I would have been willing to sacrifice that 2% to no longer need to switch my riders during fort event. That appealed to my lazy side. 7% just makes it another rider the vast majority of people don’t need.


Even at 10% you would also sacrifice 3.5% tower attack or defense, because of the way his tree is built. Added to the 2% loss in construction, probably not worth it even when lazy.

But at 10% he’d at least have a use for those without Atlas. Now he has pretty much no use, except for new people with no Tanok and no Lorenzo.


Damn this skill tree is awful indeed…
Don’t care for food or wood production really, I care about atk and defense and those will be LOST with this tree. With Tanok set of skills at least could sacrifice minor ones, why cut the major value of Bjorn?

Even without tanok and Lorenzo I don’t want him anymore.
Really wanted to get full when he was just announced…