Dragon Rider Björn Official Discussion Thread


His attack and defense are identical to Tanok, he lost on one of the two as well. The only difference is Tanok still had a construction discount, which Bjorn won’t have if built for defense/attack.


For construction reduce purpose I actually have fully grown atlas def rider, I like her a lot. If I ever to get a seasonal def rider, I’ll be changing back to atlas every fortification anyway.
But Is it actually possible to pick all atk and HP skills of Bjorn? :thinking: even if I’d abandon construction, the two spots where roads separate are disturbing. Are those shards enough?


No, it’s 13% / 10.8% just like Tanok.


hey pg, why is it only 7%? @PGCrisis
kind of sad that you did not answer on this topic!!!


I went to bed shortly after commenting here last night, I did not mean to leave those who replied to me hanging.
It was confirmed to be a misprint a few hours prior for CF, and I would imagine they’ve since corrected their official announcement. You can see in game the correct number is -7% as I stated last night.


some nerve…



This is correct. There was a mistake in communicating the correct numbers for Björn’s Building Upgrade Time skill, and the max this skill can be is -7%, not -10% as originally stated. We’ve updated the blog, Forums announcement post, and CF with this change. I apologize for the misinformation.


I wonder how many people will buy the rider because of the 10% that was announced in the initial post without realizing they’re getting bait-and-switched.


Hmm, sounds like an in game splash screen advertisement needs to be put together. Since some people don’t read their in game mails. I don’t know what’s wrong with those people :woman_shrugging:t2:


Thank you, now i know why i won’t be getting Björn :wink:


pointless new defence rider is pointless.
A dull regurgitation of the previous ones.
Isn’t it about time we had one which is move useful to construction going beyond the 12% of the original defence rider for one?


Well crap. I only want the portrait, and was hoping for something semi decent but this guy sucks lol. He should of stuck to raiding instead of defending.


Yes I saw those, I was talking about the 2D version to see which paths you can unlock at the compromise of others, knowing that for riders you can not have every single buff they offer there in that list


We still have people who ask what the next event is. You have one mail from a teammate who keeps on top of this stuff and one mail from PG telling you. Heck, if you scroll up in team chat, IT’S RIGHT THERE from when the last person who doesn’t read mail asked.


What are the highest statistics that Bjorn can achieve? Compared to Tanok ?? thx

+13% HP
+10.8% ATK
-7% Construction Time
+12% Sheep Farm Production


Yup not worth getting unless you don’t yet have a defensive rider other than the “defender”


At least it’s worth to wait for the festive…


Ok, i must say this is very very problematic to me. I red the forum yesterday and I was super happy to see in an official announcement a dragon rider with a better construction reduce time buff than my current one.

Today I have take all my season sigil to buy the said rider solely based on the official announcement made yesterday. I am emphasizing on official and yesterday.

While selecting the skill I found out that the reduction to construction time was in fact 7 %. Same % my current rider have

I told to myself, this is an mistake they did and they will adjust the rider with the 10% they officially announced. I came back to the forum to see what was happening. Oups pg made an false announcement by mistake. I am not pleased but I will ask a sigil refund because they did official announcement by mistake.

The answer I had do my ticket to PG is no, we cannot do this at this time.

I will stay polite, I am very, very, very disappointed and I am very uncomfortable with this answer.


As much as a appreciate you clarifying this there are definitely some people who are going to be mislead and causing an unfortunate situation. I thought Huitzil would get the point across but please be sure on numbers please. I could offer a suggesting, that next time this happens send out an email to everyone in game admitting the fault and clarifying the proper statistics. Thank you


I honestly don’t understand why PG’s releasing such boring riders every single season. Lorenzo is the only one that differs…by a few %. From a discussion with a teammate; why can’t we have a completely attack focused defense rider that buffs a base by 50% hp, but has no attack buff, or vice versa? I think it’d create some interesting mechanics and choices for people to make within the game, and would make defense less useless against well geared dragons in certain situations.