Dragon Rider Björn Official Discussion Thread


Or if your just me, you get it solely for the portrait. :joy: (Only gone half way though)


As you can tell from
My current portrait, I care little for portraits :joy:



Could you let everyone know what players can expect when they are making the wrong choice based on false official advertisement.

Is a sigil refund make sense? Or better luck next time is your moto?


What wrong information? You mean the 10% thing? Well I agree it was a bad decision NOT to make it 10% we had lots of notice and we could clearly see the line to see it was only 7%. Although with the proper screen shots you could get an Apple refund I suppose :joy:


I saw the 10% in the official thread. How many places should I look before I think this is really official? Also, it was yesterday, not 2 weeks ago. I am not asking for a compensation, I just want to give back what I took and get back the sigil.


Ya never trust PG, always be sceptical.


Could someone shed some light on this please? What is meant by Max Level exactly? Is this the buff if the gear is leveled up to max? Or is this the buff when the rider is max level (50) with that piece of gear? In other words, is this the buff % for each piece of gear as soon as you get it?

Gear Name Modifier Buff Gained by Gear at Max Level (%)
Viking Defender Boots Tower HP 7
Viking Commander Plate Tower Attack 7
Viking Defender Gloves Tower HP 7
Viking Commander Helm Tower Attack 7
Viking Defender Pants Tower HP 7
Viking Commander Ring Tower Attack 10
Viking Defender Shield Tower HP 19
Viking Commander Hammer Tower Attack 16


Unless things have changed from previous seasons those are the stats when the gear is maxed… which you can only do with Atlas access and if you have Atlas access you shouldn’t bother with the gear unless you have excess sigils


Can you further explain this? Are you referring to the rider gear?


It is.


“Unless things have changed…”. That’s why I’m confused actually. The post for Tanok when he came out definitely showed the base percentages for the gear without any further leveling. Wasn’t sure If Björn was much better or if they just weren’t consistent with the numbers they were showing.


Soooo… Bjorn or Tanok? I have Tanok but if Bjorn is better I might as well get him for the prizes and a better rider.


No Bjorn is not better than Tanok.
After this if you wan the cheap prizes you see


Iirc this is because Tanok’s gear was not upgradable. When they switched to spreading rider shards across both pages they made the gear upgradable to “make up for” needing basically the whole branch to expert a rider, bring the stats closer to what could be obtained in Atlas, and supposedly provide more value to players with Atlas




Hi all,

We would like to apologize for the rocky release of Dragon Rider Björn. In our initial announcement, which features information about Björn’s Skill Tree, the Building Upgrade Time skill maxed out at -10% construction time. However, upon release of the Rider in-game, it maxed out at -7%. We’ve decided to change the max percentage to the originally advertised -10%. We apologize again for the wrong info, and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we reviewed this matter.

Happy hunting!


This. Disappoints. Me. Greatly.






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Well I’m sorry to say you are throwing in boulders now because now people started spending sigils. I didn’t need another tanok now u change him to what was originally said. Jeez thanks a lot. It would be nice if y’all stop changing sht after it’s released in game


since you decided to change it to 10%, what would you do to decisions of those players who decided to go for Token boost because Bjorn was 7% and not 10%.
And what would you do to those players who didn’t do construction bonus in skill tree of Bjorn just because it was 7% before which was kinda pointless, and now is relatively more useful?
Would you refund sigils? Or would you reset skill tree?


I’m concerned with first part of that^^. I started egg boost bc it wasn’t worth it.