Dragon Rider Björn Official Discussion Thread


So are y’all resetting everyone’s rider that has already been finished


For those who already spent the skill points, are you going to reset them?

Lol there we go


I have to echo @Luffy and @Sweeptheleg here. I spent my saved sigils elsewhere because Bjorn was no better than Tanok.

It’s pretty frustrating to see things changed after the fact. I suppose it’s better than how hard I got screwed with Huitzil - at least Bjorn is being returned to the advertised power - but it’s still deeply unpleasant.


LMAO “the necessary bandwidth”.

Shoulda thought of that BEFORE you changed the change.



Should be a fun thread after this :joy:



You dropped this.


Better than my reply I got. Obv I used sigil elsewhere and they said not to worry it’s getting boosted to 10%. :man_facepalming:t2: No freaking sht that’s why I sent the message


One thing I learned from the previous season, only use the sigils up until last day of discount and to not believe the announced event up until it was already lived.

Lastly, a wise man says:


This game does not help my issues with anxiety and indecision. At all.


I’m glad I only spent for the gold chest so far, but I’m still upset for all my teammates and fellow players who will get screwed by this change, either because they decided to spend Sigils elsewhere or because they would have spent the skill points differently.

PG should do something about it because players are complaining already… And they haven’t forgotten all the recent previous missteps, far from it… Better not pour hot oil on glowing coals…


If anyone is thinking about asking for it to be reset, this is probably the 4th response you’ll get.

Basically, they are saying it’s our fault that the right stats/info wasn’t available from the get go.


Okay well idk if changing it to 10% was the best idea but people shouldn’t be complaining to much. It’s a buff not a nerf, and he’s only been out for 2 days. The people who got screwed over more were the ones who originally got him at a false advertised price. And sorry you didn’t wait an extra 2 days to spend ur sigils sometimes things aren’t fair and that’s how it goes. But again other people were screwed over more, understand that.


When it’s something specific they usually can’t help that much


That’s fine, that’s understandable. They didn’t create the game and we all know they barely know the product they are supposed to help with. But in their empty apology perhaps they shouldn’t imply we messed up for listening to the info PG provided.

Edit: anyways, moving on. Lesson learned.


Umm idk how to do it. Not really one to ask but I wanna help. There’s another way of reaching out for help that involves tagging an employee. Maybe someone can help me here😥


Got it. Thank you for clearing that up for me!


Bro why are you complaining about this? PG releases a rider that is potentially better for some people than the other 2 and you throw a fit? Give me a break.

You want to be compensated for the rider you got in Summer because this one has higher construction time reduction? Might as well ask for your whole account to be compensated because there’s always something new, better, and more expensive waiting around the corner.

People really look for something to cry about just to cry about something. This is why the forums have gone to shit.


Hello Arelyna

So I got Bjorn as soon as he went live . I put gear on him and skilled him whilst avoiding 7 percent reduction as it wasn’t worth it . Now that you changed his skills a day later I wish to use the construction reduction as 10 percentage is a lot and I can avoid atlas D rider completely . I am in this situation because of what Pg advertised as his skill beforehand and then randomly decided to change it . I wish to have my Bjorn skill reset as it is clearly not my fault here . Pls let me know how you will help me and other fellow players with this now


Good luck. My conversation with them ended with them sending me a link to request refund through App Store :joy:


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