Dragon Rider Björn Official Discussion Thread


People are complaining about it because they spent the shards to avoid the buff since they likely have another defensive rider with the same or higher buff. Now it’s been upped to the second highest in the game and it’s useful to spend those points in that area but they already did.

The take away here is the PG should stop releasing shit different than they advertise, nerf it before release, and then bump again after folks have spent sigils or points on the item.


Not the ones I commented too. Read above please.


On the one I replied to, you didn’t reply to anyone. So I may have taken that one out of context and if so I apologize.

If you’re talking about the folks saying Tanok and Lorenzo should have theirs buffed then we’re in agreeance that request is asinine.


The only part I believe should be reset or refunded is people who spent on other parts of tree. There won’t be very many and it’s such a small change, so I think PG can fix that. But besides that I’m happy


Agreed. Refund the branch and let them start over on the rider tree only. After that, too bad.


Okay first off ur wining about a full price defensive rider last season. They can sometime be switched around in the spot of either half off week 3 or full week 6. In essence ur complaining about getting a full price hunter only for next season to have a “better one” next season. Secondly he is not better than Lorenzo he’s different. Idk what this argument here is but it’s beyond redundant. Lorenzo isn’t suppose to be your farm production rider. He’s an attack and defence defensive rider. Idk if u realized that but Lorenzo has his own purposes. Agree with u pursing the other trees cause I think they can change that. And lastly this is not a Huitzil situation, it’s a little different. The people who got screwed over more were the ones who did get the rider at the false advertised price. They tried to fix that. Sorry if u spent ur sigils on something different. Sometime things suck.


Yes And the fact he was only out for 2 days at that state means there won’t be to many complaints.


But it’s hysterical to even think PG will do ANYTHING.

They won’t.

Look back in history and see when PG has ever made anything like this right. Runegate IGNORED Everyone gave up. Nerfzil IGNORED Everyone gave up. Rubies dropping instead of chests IGNORED We’ve forgotten about it. Their absurd giving tiers of dragons to players to return IGNORED We got a bunch of the usual PG lip service on how the roadmap forward looks, yet we never addressed that particular issue, now go away and spend more money.

I couldn’t make this crap up if I tried.

If I ran a business and treated my customers the way PG treats us, I’d be out of business.

But that’s ok, cause all you kiddies will spend all your Xmas iTunes and GooglePlay gift cards on these latest PG offerings, increasing their profit margins, thus driving home the fact that they must be doing something right. :man_facepalming:


Shouldn’t be, but probably more than I can count off the top of my head. Either way, the code/process for doing something like that can’t be too hard to enact. If you can give something, you can also take it away.


Begging my pardon, mail was indeed sent. ↓
However funny how many folks have no idea.


They did say it was being changed to 10% as advertised


I guarantee you nobody got Lorenzo for the construction reduction.

Lorenzo and Tanok are still arguably better overall because they provide more att/hp boosts and/or don’t have to sacrifice them for construction reduction.

You complained about this.

And this.

And then this. Make up your mind.

This is fair. Hopefully PG will allow for a skill reset on this rider because of the rocky release.

You were complaining from the get-go lmao.

Lorenzo has better defensive stats than Tanok. Maybe Tanok needs a buff too. Maybe every rider should just be exactly the same so there’s literally no point in ever getting a different one.

I’m surprised you’re okay with PG making everything below N obsolete every 6 months. And throwing 10 tower levels out each tier but not with a 10% construction reduction that costs you defensive attack/hp buffs. It’s still not as good as the atlas defender and the boosts don’t stack so again I say: What’s the big deal?


It is not unreasonable to expect a better rider each season. However, knowing PG I already expected it to be exactly the same as Tanok and I was proven right except they announced the 10% by mistake.

However, good for anyone trying to get Muscles this season. It will be a good compromise for the atlas rider.


A lot is missing the point.

  1. PG wrongly advertised something then release it with different stats.
  2. Then some players complain it so PG revert it back.

It should have not happened. They should check everything all the data before they will announce and release it to avoid #2. This is a recurring problem. It had not happened once, and in other forms too.


Thank you so much, I’m definitely getting Bjorn and have all ready got him to level 19.

I was very excited when he was announced 10% reduction in construction so when it was told he was only 7% I didn’t even want him.

I know some will complain about previous riders being -7% but I think it’s better they stay at -7% which will give players a reason to get Björn and replace Tanok or Lorenzo.

At least know you made many players happy by making Björn -10% as originally advertised.


Why would releasing a new rider with better boost and buffs be reason to compensate you for old riders. This is how all games work, content and riders get better as seasons pass just like dragons.
If you spent sigils on other branches allready that’s your own fault. I saved my sigils until I was sure I wanted him. After announcement of -10% construction boost I got half of his branch.

  • Nothing against you personally but I’ve seen quite a few complaining and whining about Björn being better than past defensive riders regarding construction boost, it’s worth mentioning that Tanok and Lorenzo have better buffs than Björn.
  • Or complaining that they spent their sigils prematurely and demand compensation or if they don’t get their way screw it up for all who played it smart and saved until sure.

But I have nothing against PG allowing reset to buy another branch or to allocate sigils towards Björn instead of egg boost, I just doubt they will do it.
I can see how others spent after -7% announcement and how crappy that is so I hope they do it for all of you.


Let me spell this out, for the last time, for those of you that can’t comprehend the written English language:

Players, any players, have the right to be pissed that their defensive rider (specifically Lorenzo, who was LITERALLY just full price last season) is now obsolete, if they are using them for the construction buff. Yes, rider stats vary, from season to season, give a little here, take a little there. But the construction buff isn’t “a little here, a little there”. The construction buff is the only stat that helps with the 300 wall. They’ve released 3 defensive riders, 2 had the exact same construction buff. Why would you, or anyone, expect that buff to ever increase after seeing 2 that had the exact same buff? Now, wouldn’t it be hilarious, if instead of actually doing something to address the 300 wall, PG just decides to allow rider construction buffs to stack at/above 300? Then let’s see how many “players that matter” (aka payers) start complaining about that 3%…which translates to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars spent on speed ups. Nevermind the E2P and F2P grinders…

And as far as PG yoyoing with the 10%-7%-10% buff on Bjorn, yes, players have a right to expect sigils refunded and his line reset. But you and I both know PG won’t make it right. There are so many examples of PG changing things after they are released, to the players’ loss, and they choose to sit on their hands and not make it right.

That’s my ultimate problem with this entire, indecisive mess that PG has, yet again, created. They change something once, before it is released, without announcing it via all their 498 means of communication that previously announced one thing, and players whine. Then, 2 days AFTER it is released, after players have started/resumed spending their Sigils based on the latest information available, they change it BACK to what was originally announced.

They’re not going to make it right. They never do when it comes to the season line screwups. So, honestly, about all we can do is bitch and whine on the forums :man_shrugging:

Anyway, enjoy your construction buff, if you got it. If you didn’t, sucks to be you. And to everyone else, just wait for next season, they’ll probably buff the construction buff to be equal to the Atlas defensive rider and give us a -15% buff defensive Atlas seasonal rider…


I’m not sure about being upset that this seasons discount rider is better than last seasons full price rider, but everything else is 100% right.


What annoyed me the most was how support was implying I “accidentally” spent the skill points. Well, not implied, they flat out said I accidentally spent them. Then after that, they apologized for “my” confusion. Through the entire conversation, they didn’t seem to take ownership of their f up. But I guess I shouldn’t expect Zendesk to do that.

This is my last full response to them and once again all they said was sorry for the confusion and gave me a link to apple refund. Not sure if PG is aware how easily their support team gives out refund links rather than try to actually understand what people are having issues with. But hey, their business.

My stupid phone keeps autocorrecting “escalated” into “elevated” :joy:


Sorry but ur first two paragraphs are just pure misinformation and donkeish. I’m not even gonna respond. Idc about where you spent ur sigils. so sad to bad. People do deserve to have the line reset. And PG did do something to fix the original issue. Ugh -.-

Haha I got flagged for being constructive. Thats hilarious