Dragon Rider Björn Official Discussion Thread


I don’t think Lorenzo is obsolete at all, I didn’t expect Björn to be 7% at all and every rider wasn’t 7 only Tanok and Lorenzo.there was an atlas Rider which came out previously that had 12% construction reduction so I expected 2% more.

They changed it from 10% to 7% after complaining and from 7% back too the original advertised stats upon release.

I do agree that it’s crappy for those who spent elsewhere because of confusion and hope PG will fix this for those who want the new Rider Björn.
But I don’t believe Tanok or Lorenzo are useless since they have better stats other than construction reduction ( at a difference of -3%).
While the Atlas Rider is 5% better construction reduction than Tanok and Lorenzo.


Can anyone who did get the construction skill for Bjorn post how they did his skills? I just noticed that his farm and mill skills arent optional so Im wondering how much of atk you can get if you max HP

Also a lot of these problems would be fixed simply by letting us reset our rider’s skills, even if it cost rubies (assuming it wasnt an outrageous cost)


As someone who doesn’t have atlas and usually finishes one branch each season, is Björn worth getting? Or should I save my sigils for when the last dragon is released?


If you can get the entire first page, and you don’t already have 2 def riders, then go for it! 3.1k is no biggie, but just to have one more trinket in your vault… it’s pointless.

Get the second page IFF you plan to perch an ICE dragon.


Ok thanks! I wasn’t entirely sure, but I’ll get the first page then :slight_smile:


Not agree with this :expressionless:

  1. No mythic ice lineage below Harb. If legendary, it’s either Amarok and Ursa
  2. By the time you get usable ice perch dragon, you’ll have Atlas most likely.


I’m happy with Tanok and Defender. Not interested with Björn or Lorenzo :man_shrugging:t2: But i have hope that someday pg might release defensive rider with 20% atk and hp buff or better construction bonus than defender :eyes:


Just for the sake of the argument, there are two more classes… :wink:


Nope. Rare and epic are not worth for perch (perch are more like boost than additional tower)
And you’ll keep using UVS instead of perching him.


I’m an officer on a gold team, atlas seems pretty far away at the moment


I’d rather claim the rider only and wait for the others (there are 2 more legendaries and 1 mythic released later in this season :wink:)

Also, the 2nd page isn’t discounted, so it’s worth waiting.


Do you mean only claim up until the rider? Or also get all the shards? I was planning to wait until the last dragon was released anyways, but the 10% construction reduction on a discounted dragon seemed nice


Claim the entire first page for the shards to expert the rider.


After all I read I almost didn’t get him, but for 425 sigils I got goodies & a rider that i can use for Atlas missions and not feel like a waste. Also I can equip him with good armor and will boost well a secondary dragon. I think is a good deal.


He’s a defensive rider… He’ll only work on a perch- not to boost a dragon that is attacking a base.


Well you can gear him up with attack gear and use him as an extra offensive rider, he’ll be effectively a level 1 that gives no rider bonus but the gear still works.


Should I go through bjorn with the tower construction time reduction of 10% or the tower hp boost of 3.5%?


I wouldn’t suggest going for the second page, but for the sake of argument you can place obsolete/capped seasonal Divines on a perch too. My Nydryr was my perch dragon before :wink:


100% the construction boost. Atk and def buffs you can craft with gear. This is the second highest construction boost of any rider so don’t miss it.


Well unless you have the first… can only Use one at a Time.