Dragon Rider Björn Official Discussion Thread


Am I missing something here? Why do people keep saying bjorn is not better than tanok?
If you favorite attack over def their lines will be as follow

13% atk
10.8% def

8.7% atk
7.2% hp

That seems like quite a big difference to me.


Tanok is also 13% / 10.8%, no idea where you got your numbers from.


Tanok and Bjorn have the same skills except for the construction boost and the arrangement of the skills

For Tanok you must get one of the rss skills and the construction skill
Bjorn you must get 2 of the rss skills so if you also want the construction skill you must sacrifice another stat skill


no he doesn’t? I’m getting my numbers from my own tanok and I have every atk line maxed, his max atk is 8.7% which should actually be 8.5% idk where that extra .2 is coming from.


nope bjorn has an extra skill for 3.5% of each atk and def, tanok does not. unless my tanok is special.


Well what can I say? Either your Tanok is somehow different from every other one in the game, or you miscounted. I know which one I think more likely. :man_shrugging:


@Morreion Please do post what your tanok looks like.


You have a low level perch, that reduces the effective bonus. Notice the 4.7% construction time in that popup? Once you get your perch to 30 it’ll be 13% attack, same goes for Bjorn.


oh you are right, I did not know that changed the stats on the actual rider page. Okay thanks for catching that.

Guess I was missing something


From what I just researched I believe that’s going to be the exact case =/ I’m at that moment in his talent tree right now trying to figure out which of the 3 to start with and which might be sacrificed…


Yeah, it’s a very subtle balance if you want his Construction time and as much power and resistance as possible.

Why didn’t they put construction bonus at the first or second intersection like most smart players would have preferred? I made a skill tree on paper showing how I expected his tree to be (though I didn’t go as far as calculating points repartition), but I was terribly wrong and the real thing sucks. We should be able to get all HP and Attack bonus if we carefully plan our points without diverging into less important branches and be able to sacrifice extras like production, storage for defence riders, XP, resists or totem boosts (correct me if I’m wrong) for offensive riders. This is my opinion.



Isn’t the last hp buff on that tree better than the last optional one?
I though one was +5% and the one right before it was +3%?

I’m only asking because the one on end you have 4/5 completed instead of only completeing 3/5 on the top hp before


going 3/5 on the top would be

3.5-2.1 = -1.4% hp

going 5/5 on the last one would be

+1% hp

-1.4 + 1 = -0.4% net change


top one is
0.7 / 1.4 / 2.1 / 2.8 / 3.5

far right is
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5


Or you can just get the atlas rider as construction bonuses don’t stack


Complete stats pls ? HP and ATK ( for example my Tanok have +13% HP /// +10.8% ATK /// -7% construction time )


Looks like 12% HP and 8.5% Atk



Already has gear on him + perch isnt level 30 so ill just list bonus from each skill

+3.5% attack
+1% HP
+12% lumber production
+12% food production
+3.5% HP
+3.5% HP
-10% construction
+5% building attack
+4% building HP


12% HP
8.5% Attack
12% Lumber and Food production
10% construction


PG you really dropped the ball on this one… could care less about a construction reduction less than that of a riders i already own.