Dragon Rider General Discussion and Information

As I’ve been reading, there is very limited information about riders and how they work with different dragons. May we discuss how riders apply.

  • Event riders elemental gear and resists
  • Rider buffs during events
  • Event riders in Atlas
  • Crafting
  • Non-event riders
  • etc…

Would be a pretty broad discussion. Do you have any specific questions to start it off?

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Check this topic for info about Atlas riders and gear

And I think everything about season riders should be pretty much understandable

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I have a (probably stupid) question about Tor.

If I don’t get enough shards to train his HP and AP fully, which is better? I was thinking HP since it would make most dragons better? Logic being that Hunters don’t really need more AP but as I type it I am questioning my own logic.

Also, can gear be removed once it is equipped? Not just the “try on”

I personally am more concerned with AP than HP on hunters. They’re already pretty low on hp as it is, so you get more bang for your buck with AP. (I have no fun graphs or equations to back this up, just my opinion).


Yes, gear can be removed (for rubies only).


Ah, I get your point, get more bang because it is a larger figure to start with. Glad I asked. Thanks

I left it broad purposely for discussion as there isn’t an open introduction to how riders work with dragons… that I could find. The reason being for this thread is to help gain knowledge, myself included, on riders.
Anyone knowledgeable in this topic please share.

Tyvm InnocentDari

I have a question that may be stupid, but since I’m new in the game I don’t know all the rules.
Can I use the same rider for different dragons? Like one day I do bond him/her with one dragon and the day after with another one? Or the rider will stay forever with the first dragon he/she’s been bonded to?

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Yes you can. On the new dragon you want to bind the rider to, select Rider, and on the Hired tab it will give you the options of the riders you currently have. Just select the one you want and then ‘Start Bonding’ and you’ll have to wait 1 hour (I believe) for that to complete.

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You can move them to other dragons. If you put gear of an element onto the rider you will only be able to move it between dragons of that element unless you pay rubies to remove the gear.

Great! thank you very much for the info !!

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