Dragon Rider Glitch

I have Okasana on Necryx with Groggs gear.
I’ve seen Okasana on a different dragon and she shows up.
But I think when wearing Groggs gear is what may be causing the problem?
But now for days she’s bonded to Necryx but she just doesn’t appear on him in battle.
At the beginning it still says the buff is active but just no Okasana?

Got the same problem with Tor on Amarok. Both Ice marked. Tor never shows up on Amarok, but buffs are stated and seem to be working. Kayla on Kirin did show in raids (both Wind), but not on Danzig (Fire) nor on Nix (Wind). Didn’t try switching back to Kirin yet.
Oksana on Ettin (both Dark) showed during raids. Lovely sight btw. But on Danzig … no way. Kayla and Oksana are ‘naked’, Tor has helm and boots.
So … buffs are stated, but animation is not always in sync with binding. Curious about the tech background of this animation glitch. Love to see them riding high on a dragons back :smile:

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