Dragon Rider Glory Points

I dont seem to be able to post in atlas despite having it. Has any one else been having issues when leveling a dragon rider that the game crashes and you lose all glory points that you had recently gained? I had a ticket in but one of my team mates apparently had this happen 3 times.

Have you tried logging into the forums from inside the game? That should grant you access to post in the Atlas section.

Edit: changed inside to lower case from all caps (didn’t want OP to think I was yelling at him :sweat_smile:)

No i have not. But i will now.

That should get you fixed so you can post in the atlas section :blush:

Yes…this happened to me…leveling rider game crashed with sync error. After reboot glory points on rider were gone. Ticket sent.


Crashed inbetween after trying to level. The second attempt to level worked. But it still wasted glory. I think this makes about 900 points lost so far.

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