Dragon rider shards question

I have been working on the grogg dragon rider line. My question is, can dragon rider shards in future events be used to train grogg later on, or are the rider shards specific to the dragon rider offered in the current event. Right now, when I earn shards, they are “grogg rider shards”. It seems logical that rider shards should be rider neutral and not tied to a specific rider, but I have no idea if that reasoning is true.

Pretty sure they are specific to grogg. Once the season ends, that’s it. The rider stuff in Atlas isn’t specific, but can’t be used on Grogg (minus the armors, I think). Pretty sure this has been asked and answered already.

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I have no idea what the future season will hold, obviously. However, comparing this rider to atlas, his shards are unique to him, and him only. They are called “Grogg Rider shards” whereas the Atlas riders require another Dragon Shard currency AND Dragon Rider XP to level up.

I would imagine next season will contain a new rider with new shards.

@Stronghold8262 fear not, there will be a really cool community created rider coming for the Spring Season :wink:

Update: There will be even more riders coming for the Winter Season:

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