Dragon Rider Skills

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This seems to be coming up more and more with the reduced cost of the dragon rider, but people are spending all of their sigils on getting really far along the branch/completing it and being completely unaware that they can’t get every single skill tree item.

I am 100% aware that if you click on the “i” that it brings up the menu which tells you that not all skills can be selected for a dragon rider but many many many other people are unaware. Is this something that could be a little bit more pronounced in the Rider UI menu right below the “select upgrade” button so people see it before clicking to upgrade that item? It would be good for players of all skills instead of a confirmation screen every time you want to spend points, but it would serve as a reminder to make sure you are picking what you really want.

Picture for visual aid (you will need to click because apparently the formatting doesn’t like the width of the picture sigh)


Also people should note that Grogg does not need rider exp. So getting the Rider Exp skill is a waste of skill points… Im not sure why they even gave him that option.


you can only max out 1 of each column.

Once you maxed each column, you will have 15 more skill points to spare for 1 skill to max out.

I remember i posted this same info on the old forum but i think its in between some pages not an actual thread

Oh yes thanks for the confirmation, i was pretty sure it was 1x per column plus a bit of extra but knowing the exact numbers is nice.

Either way i’m just trying to help inexperienced players who may not have caught the warning to be able to make it all the way to the end where the dragon attack and HP bonuses are since they are way better than “rider xp” haha

i think this should help if i provide a picture.

btw, i said you can max one other skill because the dragon rider XP skill is useless on Grogg so you can choose 2 of the resistance which is against lightning tower, cannon tower and archer tower. the other one will not be maxed out unless you are okay with not maxing out the Increase Dragon Attack in the end which gives you 7.5% increase attack

So using my build, I have the following stats:
20% Dragon HP
19.5% Dragon ATK
4.5% Archer Tower Resistance
-10% Dragon Heal Time
-3.5% Dragon Training Cost
6% Dragon XP
4.5% Lightning Tower Resistance

Skill points needed for each skills. Maximum skill points you get is 130 SP at level 50

      5 SP		10 SP	10 SP		  15 SP		
5 SP		10 SP			  10 SP	  15 SP	  25 SP	  25 SP
      5 SP		10 SP	10 SP		  15 SP
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There’s a discussion in the Atlas subcategory (currently available to Atlas players at the moment) that discusses this. Here’s an excerpt if the important points in hopes that it will shed some light on things:



Thanks @PGEggToken

I am not in Atlas so was unaware that this discussion was taking place. Thanks for following up for the benefit of the general population.


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What do you mean by “column”, do you mean row (horizontal group of records)? I haven’t gotten mine yet but don’t want to screw this up. I understand I don’t want the rider xp boost for TurdCutter (Grogg) if we can avoid it as a choice.


you can check what I have uploaded and you should see what we are referring to as column.


                        • = Row
  • = Column

A column is defined as a vertical row or list.

You can see from above that some of the skills are stacked one on top of the others, with branches leading to all 3 options. Basically you have to choose which of the 2 or 3 items you want.

See the example above

Very league of legends-ish. I like it.

Ah, you mean where it splits off into three branches on the row, you can only pick one branch / fork. Gotcha (I think). :smile:

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yeah i think :smile:

each branch has 1 or 2 passives that you can level up and you can max one of each until the end without any worry. Once you have reached the end and maxed it out, you should have 15 more skill points extra where you can max 1 more resistance. Since Grogg is not your usual dragon rider, it should be easy to choose what passives to take in battle (AVOID THE DRAGON RIDER XP AT ALL COST!!! !!! !!! !!! !!!)


Yea would have been nice to know how it worked before it came out.

What about the rider accessories…once equipped, why doesn’t it appear on the Rider? Is the Rider getting the proper boosts? Am I missing something? :thinking:

You won’t see any change to your rider’s appearance in battle after equipping gear but the effects are there

Thank you… maybe PG will add the items, especially the boots, on the rider one day… to cover his hairy legs!

Didn’t know if I should create a new post to ask this or not. If your drag does not have lightning resist and you give the rider the lightning resist skill will Your drag now have that or is it like runes where you only put them on if your drag has that skill?

don’t know about that, but someone here said that it only increases if you have a dragon that has that passive. basically a dragon rider that functions as a rune.

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It is like runes, you must have the spell for it to be enhanced. So if you are planning on using Grogg on Necryx, choose lightning resist so you don’t have to add one of the others to take advantage of the resist enhancement

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