Dragon Rollback

I did two xp runs on a new dragon yesterday to get a level. Took 3 runs do to crashing/latency so I took a break and came back later. My dragon was now on cool down as it should be but I was back a level. Has anyone else had this happen?

Have you opened a ticket with Customer Support? They can look into it for you.


I have experienced rollbacks before, they happened after updates, crashes/server sync involved.

Yeah I placed a trouble ticket. I have been playing for about a year and have not seen this bug before. Kind of curious if anyone else has ran into it before.

I’ve had the few rare occurrences where things like egg missions or chests opened and other things like that have failed to sync properly and wind up rolling back. Never had a dragon level and then rollback but I figure it’s working off the same general principle.

roll backs are quite common after updates because your device and their server didn’t sync properly, in game help should be able to check the log and help you with that. I had eggs rolled back once, spent thousands of eggs to breed and got kicked, came back, egg’s gone, but the breed progress remain the same, after a few messages with support they credited back the eggs. Just don’t expect they will fix it on your first try, it really depends on who works on your ticket, so be patient.

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