Dragon Runes and 100 Chests at a time




Hey there! Two fairly simple ones:

  1. The ability to pay rubies to remove runes and glyphs from Dragons just like with building runes.
  2. Open 100 chests at a time button, especially for Atlas Badge Chests and Bronze chests. The frustration of opening these 10 at a time when you have hundreds or sometimes thousands of these chests seems unnecessary.

Thanks for reading!

Reopening my thread because it was close referencing threads from last year that are closed. I want an open thread that is discussing these topics and much needed Suggestions.

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and or just a simple open all option would be nice

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Apparently the Dragon Rune topic is boring, have been discussed gazillion times, and I don’t want another one.

The “open more than 10 chests” is also something that has been suggested before. If I find an open one, I will close this thread, too.

:eyes: This?

We can all agree that this thread failed.