Dragon Runes and Glyphs Removal

It’s been mentioned multiple amounts of times on here… but could we try and raise too the attention of our wonderful devs that removal of runes and glyphs should be the same as the base ones on the monuments. Too keep up with the ever developing game.

It won’t happen because that would mean they wouldn’t make as much money off selling new runes and rune dust.

But like… how many runes are there? Loads… getting a good legendary or mythic that you need is like a lottery win. Maybe a monthly amount too change or something :man_shrugging:t2: Idk but I just want too change some of my runes around every now and then. I’m sure I’m not the only one

Oh, I’d like to move dragon runes too. But it will never happen.

I beg to differ, it would be TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

While we have a base, where we have a limited amount of towers to shuffle, moving runes to where they may be needed more do anything is a great thing. Good base runes and glyphs are precious and their usefulness is very limited.

We can’t really say the same about dragon runes/glyphs:

Divine dragons come with their own sets. Unlike towers, the active dragons change pretty rapidly as we grow. I agree that getting really really good runes/glyphs is not a daily occurrence, but imagine what would happen if anyone gets some, especially something that is universal: Mythic rage or wisdom runes. Or AMMO.

For a few hundred rubies anyone could re-equip and make even a newborn godlike. No, that wouldn’t be nice. It would kill the joy and motivation for buying chests.

That is my concern.

Lots of runes yes… not many good ones… once someone got the 10-15 runes they want they wouldn’t need any more ever again… and PG needs to sell those runic chests after all.

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not wasting my time any more. Have a good day

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Or maybe they should make runic chests better cos they’re over priced for how terrible they are

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It all comes down to how badly you want the good runes vs the price to get one. Not worth it in my opinion, but I am sure there are plenty of people who buy them and PG gets a good enough return to leave the price point where it is.

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